The Cyclo-biblio association joins the international Cycling for libraries movement to present its new edition, the TouBo!
The TouBo program

Les cyclo-bibliothécaires à Moissac

But by the way, what is Cyclo-biblio?

After the success of Basel-Strasbourg in June 2015, more than 50 librarians and library lovers will cycle from June 1 to 7, 2016 between Toulouse and Bordeaux to promote libraries and exchange between professionals to improve their practices. The Association des Bibliothécaires de France (ABF) remains a privileged partner of this edition.

“Towards participatory libraries!” will be the general theme of the 2016 edition, its guiding thread. More than just a place to store content, a library is part of a flow, of which its public is a component. How can libraries enhance the active presence of this public, which is both a consumer of a service and active in the production and exchange of knowledge?

TouBo program

Participants will need their own bike for this tour, it can take many forms, either a regular road bike, a more comfortable hybrid bike or, as many are now using, an electric bike to make the journey even more enjoyable.

N. B.: For a better readability, we have simply indicated “visit” in front of the name of the libraries visited. In general, it is a welcome by librarians, elected officials, media, with refreshments for the brave participants, associated with a presentation, a visit and sometimes workshops. In all cases, a lot of discussion is in store.

Tuesday May 31st
Presentation of Cyclo-biblio at the AYAV (Allons-y à vélo) day organized by the National Civil Aviation School (ENAC) in Toulouse.

Wednesday June 1: Toulouse (30 km)
10am: Official launch of the Cyclo-biblio 2016 at the Médiathèque José Cabanis, Toulouse
Visit of the Library of Study and Heritage
Visit of the libraries of the University Jean Jaurès (Mirail Campus)
Central University Library
Center of resources for languages
Visit of the Grand M Media Library
Visit of the Toulouse Cinematheque
Thursday June 2: Toulouse – Montauban (60 km)

Morning of workshops at the José Cabanis Media Library
Visit to the Media Library of Montech
Festive arrival at the Mémo, the multimedia library of Montauban
Friday June 3: Montauban – Moissac (40 km)

Visit of the Media Library of Montauban (Mémo)
Presentation of Books on the Run at the Auberge du Fort (Montauban)
Visit of the Library of Moissac and the Romanesque Art Center
Guided tour of the cloister of Moissac
Saturday June 4: Moissac – Marmande (110 km)

Visit of the Lacépède Library in Agen
Visit of the Bruch Library
Sunday June 5: Marmande – Bordeaux (110 km)

Several breaks but no libraries visited
Monday June 6: Bordeaux (10 km)

“What future for Cyclo-biblio?” General Assembly of Cyclo-biblio. (Espace Darwin)
Presentation and visit of the Espace Darwin
Visit and workshops at the Mériadeck Library
Discovery of the Garage Moderne, an associative mechanical workshop
Tuesday June 7: Bordeaux (15 km)

Visit of the Flora Tristan Media Library
Public action on the quays of Bordeaux
Festive arrival and visit of La Source, the municipal media library of Bouscat

The registration for the complete tour is closed since March 25th, with 54 participants! But it is possible to register for one day (or more), independently.

Registration for one day

Looking for a breath of cultural air? Take part in Cyclo-biblio for a day! It’s free, and for everyone!

What for?

Carrying the word of the librarians
Discuss work (or not…) on the bike
Expand your professional network…but also your personal network
Share your ideas with brio
Lose a few pounds…
How do I do it? The participant to the day is autonomous in its meals and its lodgings, but we will transmit to him the main information necessary to its participation. A yellow safety vest stamped “Cyclo-biblio, la vélorution des bibliothèques” will be provided, as well as flyers to meet the population in the cities or villages we will cross.

Registration for the complete tour

Details of the registration for the complete tour.

Registration is easy. Just fill out this online form before March 15, 2016. Registration is validated after payment of the registration fee. The first 50 registrants will participate in this unique adventure. In a second phase, we will invite the public to join the group for a day for free and (re)discover the world of libraries.
Cyclo-biblio is a self-financed project, as we are currently not assured of any financial support. The registration fee includes lodging (from the evening of June 1 to the morning of June 7), breakfast, lunch, luggage transportation, safety vest and communication tools. Not included are evening meals, bike rental, travel insurance, train or plane tickets, lodging and meals before and after the dates mentioned.
Cyclo-biblio encourages participants to ask for support from their employer. Indeed, beyond the advocacy campaign, this event must be seen as a conference of cycling professionals (thus continuing education). For this reason, the organization team has written an argument that can help them in this process.

Cyclo-biblio is a non-profit event and aims to raise public awareness of the importance of libraries and to promote cooperation in this field. Cyclo-biblio is not an organized trip, so we cannot offer any guarantee of service. On the contrary, it is an “unconference”; each participant is responsible for its success, through his or her investment and spirit of cooperation.

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