Apollo Phaze E Bike

Apollo Phaze E Bike

Key Features of the Apollo Phaze E Bike:

  • Average Range: 10-15 miles, max 20 miles
  • Motor Type: Front Wheel Drive 250W
  • Battery: 209Wh / 8.7Ah, recharge time 4-5 hours
  • Gears: 6-speed Shimano Tourney
  • Wheels: 26" with Kenda K-1027 Tyres

Our Verdict: The Apollo Phaze Electric Mountain Bike is a versatile e-bike offering a blend of performance and comfort, ideal for adventurous trail riders seeking extra assistance.

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Electric mountain bikes have stormed into the cycling market, carving a niche for those looking for an extra boost on challenging terrains. The Apollo Phaze Electric Mountain Bike is no exception, designed for the modern trail enthusiast seeking adventure without the exhaustive toll on the body. Ideal for novices and seasoned riders alike, the Phaze Electric Bike is built for convenience, utility, and enjoyment, boasting an array of features that enhance the off-road experience while staying true to the quintessential mountain biking spirit.

The Phaze E-Bike: Power Meets Design

The Apollo Phaze Mens Electric Mountain Bike seamlessly integrates power with a classic MTB design, creating a hybrid that promises thrilling rides without compromising on comfort. It acknowledges the necessity of a rugged frame for the off-road shredder while incorporating the convenience of a motor for those uphill climbs and long rides.

Frame and Build: The heart of the Apollo Phaze E-Bike is its Alloy MTB Frame - lightweight yet durable. This design choice not only aids in manoeuvrability but also ensures that the frame can withstand the gnarly bumps and jumps of hardcore mountain biking.

Motor Technology: Fitted at the front hub is Shengei's 24V 250W motor. This motor placement strategy provides the cyclist with a natural riding feeling and consistent traction. Whether you're railing berms or scaling peaks, the motor's subtle integration means your riding experience remains authentic, only with less strain on those leg muscles.

Battery Performance: With a 209Wh battery, riders can expect an average range of 10-15 miles, peaking at 20 miles under optimal conditions. This substantial mileage is ideal for taking on local trails without the fear of being stranded without power.

Gearing System: Featuring a 6-speed Shimano Tourney gearing arrangement, the Phaze allows you to tailor your riding experience to the trail's demands. The Shimano Tourney's reliability ensures smooth transitions between gears, all contributing to more efficient pedalling and battery usage.

Stopping Power: When it comes to halting your momentum, Powerful V-Brakes provide ample stopping power. The immediate and smooth response of these brakes gives you the confidence to send it down steep descents, knowing you can come to a safe and controlled stop.

Wheels and Tyres: The 26-inch wheels, equipped with Kenda K-1027 Tyres, provide a comfortable balance between responsiveness and stability - essential characteristics when tackling unpredictable terrain. Paired with the tyres' ample grip, every ride promises to be a secure experience.

Suspension System: Front suspension with 100mm of travel is a boon for those looking to hammer down on rough singletracks. This feature not only enhances rider comfort but also maintains tyre contact with the ground for better traction and control.

Riding The Apollo Phaze E-Bike

Mountain biking is all about connection with the terrain and the Apollo Phaze E-Bike provides just that, albeit smoother. The electric system's boost is gentle, mimicking a natural riding feel whether you're climbing, hacking through the flatlands, or sending it down the trails. Across varying weather conditions, the robust build of the Phaze ensures reliability and constant performance – dry or wet, the ride goes on.

Even better, the frame's design accommodates a comfortable posture ensuring that longer rides do not become torturous, and the even distribution of the bike's components keeps the centre of gravity where you want it. This control translates into a more enjoyable, less fatiguing outing and allows you to focus on the ride itself, taking in the scenery as you shred through the trail.

Commuting on The Apollo Phaze E-Bike

This is where the Phaze e-bike can really shine, a robust frame, dependable motor, and good battery range. What's not to like?


Riders looking for varied experiences in the world of mountain biking will find the Apollo Phaze an accommodating and reliable partner. Testimonials from several users highlight the bike's ease of use, comfortable geometry, and trail-ready components. Equipped with a warranty on all electrical components and a comprehensive tech support system from Halfords, users rest assured of the bike's longevity.

Whether it's the daily commute or weekend trail adventures, users frequently praise the bike's adaptability and performance. When recommending the Apollo Phaze, it resonates as the gateway to electric mountain biking – a solid performer that brings a new dimension to the mountain biking experience. With the added peace of mind of Halfords' support, it's the obvious choice for those looking to dip a toe into the e-MTB waters without breaking the bank or compromising on quality.