Apollo Transport Electric Folding Bike

Apollo Transport Electric Folding Bike

Key Features:

  • Integrated front-hub Shengei 24V 250W motor with speed sensor
  • 209Wh Samsung battery with an average range of 10-15 miles (max 20 miles)
  • 5-hour recharge time and a comprehensive 2-year warranty on all electrical components
  • 6-speed Shimano gearing system and 20” anti-puncture Kenda tyres
  • Lightweight aluminium folding frame for easy storage and transportation

Our Verdict: The Apollo Transport Electric Folding Bike is an exceptionally practical solution for urban commuters, looking for convenience, reliability, and performance wrapped in one compact design.

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The Apollo Transport Electric Folding Bike is designed to address the needs of the urban commuter seeking an eco-friendly and space-efficient mode of transport. This remarkably compact electric bike, with its 20-inch wheels, represents a blend of convenience and modern technology, aimed at riders looking for a swift, hassle-free commute. A strong contender in the folding e-bike market, the Apollo Transport is tailored to simplify city living while providing an effortless riding experience.

 Apollo Transport Electric Folding Bike Tech

The Apollo Transport Electric Folding Bike offers an intelligent fusion of design and technology, meeting the demands of the urban lifestyle.

  • Frame: The bike features a lightweight aluminium folding frame that strikes a balance between durability and ease of handling. The quick-folding mechanism ensures that the bike can be compactly stored or taken onto public transport with minimal effort.
  • Gearing System: Equipped with a 6-speed Shimano TY-21 drivetrain, the bike allows for smooth shifting across urban landscapes, empowering the rider to tackle varying inclines and maintain comfortable speeds.
  • Braking System: The V-Brakes installed on the Apollo Transport provide powerful and responsive stopping power, an essential safety aspect for the bustling city roads.
  • Wheels and Tyres: The 20-inch double-wall alloy rims are paired with CST Anti-Puncture Tyres, which offer resilience and reliability, reducing the likelihood of punctures on your daily travels.
  • Motor: The bike's front-hub Shengei 24V 250W motor is adept at handling start-stop city traffic. With a speed sensor, it ensures that power assistance is promptly available when the pedalling effort begins, supporting the rider up to the legal speed limit of 15.5mph.
  • Battery: A Samsung Li-Ion battery mounted on the rear luggage rack provides an average range of 10-15 miles, making it ideal for daily commutes. Its integrated smart control system offers protection against overheating and overcharging, with a full recharge achievable within 5 hours.
  • Display: An LED display allows for easy switching between Low, Medium, or High levels of power-assist, maintaining intuitive control over the bike’s electric features.

Recognising the varied needs of riders, the Apollo Transport has been meticulously constructed with an emphasis on accessibility and functionality, making urban commuting a breeze while enhancing the ride with thoughtful technological integrations.

Riders of the Apollo Transport Electric Folding Bike can expect a dynamic and comfortable riding experience, suitable for most urban terrain and weather conditions.

  • Urban Terrain: The power-assisted pedalling makes navigating through city streets fluid and less strenuous, enabling the rider to maintain a consistent pace even in stop-and-go situations.
  • Hilly Commutes: The electric motor's boost is particularly appreciated on inclines, reducing the physical demand on the cyclist and allowing for an enjoyable ascent without compromising speed.
  • Weather Adaptability: The bike's puncture-resistant tyres and reliable brakes ensure a secure ride across wet or dry conditions, providing peace of mind through the unpredictability of weather.
  • Longevity: With a robust build quality and a protective smart control system for its battery, the Apollo Transport is designed to offer longevity and consistent performance.

The overall experience is one of convenience, ease, and sustainability, positioning the Apollo Transport as a favoured choice for those prioritising efficient, eco-friendly commuting.

Technical Specifications of the Apollo Transport Electric Folding Bike

  • Motor: Shengei 24V 250W front-hub motor with speed sensor
  • Battery: Samsung 209Wh Li-Ion with a range of 10-15 miles
  • Frame: Lightweight Aluminium folding frame
  • Gears: 6-speed Shimano TY-21
  • Brakes: Front and rear alloy V-Brakes
  • Wheels: 20-inch double-wall alloy rims
  • Tyres: CST Anti-Puncture 20 x 1.75 tyres
  • Display: Kingmeter LED with assist modes
  • Recharge Time: 5 hours
  • Approx Weight: 16Kg

These details reflect the Apollo Transport’s emphasis on quality components to ensure a reliable and stress-free ride, time after time.


The Apollo Transport Electric Folding Bike has garnered acclaim for its compact design and reliable performance, particularly appreciated by those commuting in urban settings. Riders commend the convenience of the folding mechanism and the enhanced mobility it offers. While individual experiences may vary, the overall sentiment mirrors a recommendation for the bike, citing its blend of practicality and modern features.

This is a fantastic budget e-bike.