Carrera E-bikes

Discover the world of Carrera Electric Bikes, a blend of innovation, design, and performance. Carrera, with its rich history in the cycling industry, brings you a range of electric bikes tailored to suit every rider's needs. Whether you're commuting, exploring, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride, Carrera has an e-bike for you.

Carrera are one of the largest brands of all things cycling in the UK. With their rugged builds and value-for-money performance their bikes have been among the UK's best sellers for many years now. They've taken that same design ethos and now extended it to an electric bike range, appealing to an even bigger group of riders and are so popular that the Carrera Vengeance E-Bike is one of the biggest-selling e-bikes in the country today.

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Carrera Crossfire Electric Bike
A perfect blend of style and functionality, the Crossfire is designed for those who seek adventure both on and off the road. Its versatile design ensures a smooth ride no matter the terrain. Discover the Carrera Crossfire Electric Bike

Carrera Vengeance E-Bike
Built for the thrill-seekers, the Vengeance e-bike offers power-packed performance with its robust motor and long-lasting battery. It's the ideal companion for mountain trails and rugged paths. Discover the Carrera Vengeance E-Bike

Carrera Crossfuse
Experience the future of e-bikes with the Crossfuse. Its sleek design, combined with top-notch features, offers a premium riding experience. It's the choice for those who refuse to compromise on quality. Discover the Carrera Crossfuse

Carrera Impel IM-2
The Impel IM-2 is the ultimate electric hybrid bike, excelling on everything from smooth city tarmac to off-road paths. With its integrated features and advanced tech, it's a top pick for urban riders. Discover the Carrera Impel IM-2

Carrera Impel IM-3
Taking the legacy of the IM-2 forward, the Impel IM-3 offers enhanced features and an even smoother ride. It's designed for those who demand the best out of their e-bike experience. Discover the Carrera Impel IM-3

Carrera Subway Electric Bike
The Subway Electric Bike is Carrera's answer to urban commuting challenges. With its fast acceleration and agile design, cruising through city traffic becomes a breeze. Discover the Carrera Subway Electric Bike

Carrera Crosscity Electric Folding Bike
Perfect for city dwellers and daily commuters, the Crosscity is a foldable e-bike that combines convenience with performance. Save space without compromising on the ride quality and even mix it up with public transport or storing in the boot of a car. Discover the Carrera Crosscity Electric Folding Bike

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