Carrera Impel  IM-3

Carrera Impel IM-3

  • Wheel Size: 27.5"
  • Top Speed: 15.5mph
  • Range: 35 - 40 miles (max 75 miles)
  • Number of Gears: 10

Our Verdict: The Carrera Impel IM-3 is a versatile electric hybrid bike that offers a seamless blend of performance and comfort. Ideal for fast city commuters and weekend leisure riders - this bike is ideal for anyone wanting a long range sleek looking e-bike.

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7 Reasons You'll Love The Impel IM-3

  • Three levels of assistance tailored to your needs.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for confident braking in all conditions.
  • 10-speed gearing to tackle any terrain.
  • Integrated front and rear lights for safety.
  • Compatible with the Hyena Rider Assistant app for enhanced features.
  • USB charging from the LCD display to keep your devices powered.
  • Impressive maximum range of up to 75 miles.

The Carrera impel im-3 is perfect for long leisure rides, daily commuting, shopping trips, and providing that extra push on uphill terrains. Its design and features make it a top choice for both urban and off-road adventures.

About Carrera

With over 25 years of experience, Carrera stands as one of the UK’s leading bike and electric bike brands. The Carrera Impel IM-3 is a testament to their dedication to innovation and quality, offering riders an electric hybrid bike that is both performance-driven and comfortable.

Carrera impel im-3 Specifications

  • Maximum Speed: UK Legal 15.5mph
  • Recharge Time: 5-7 hours
  • Motor: Hyena 36V, 250W, rear hub motor
  • Gears: 10-speed, 11-46 cassette
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Weight: Approximate 20.15kg

Don't buy this bike if...

If you want something to hammer off road -  the lack of suspension means this is a fast commuter

Do Buy This Bike If...

  • You're looking for a reliable lightweight electric commuter bike.
  • You value a bike with a comprehensive high street warranty.
  • You appreciate the extended range this model offers.
  • You want something high end that is nifty and versatile around town