Carrera Hybrid Bikes

Every day Bikesy seeks out the best Carrera deals on offer at the UK’s top bikeshops. We put all of that information here, across this site, to help cyclists in the UK find their favourite cycling kit cheaper.

Carrera Hybrids are great bikes for people who are looking to get into cycling. Well designed with rugged features, these bikes will handle all the conditions the roads and cycle paths will send their way. Whether for travelling to work on, going to school on or even for weekend leisure rides, there is a Carrera Hybrid that does the job admirably.

Very capable commuters, and currently very popular with key workers looking for a reliable way to get to work.

We particularly like the best selling Crossfire range and for anyone who doesn't have the need for suspension forks, the excellent Subway models.

For anyone who is looking to spend a little more on something sleeker and faster, you may also want to check out the Boardman range, or if you'd fancy a bit of assistance while you are pedaling, take a look at the impressive Carrera E-Bikes.

Covid19 Update: Carrera are great bikes for new commuters, and are currently in stock in many parts of the country. If your area has no stock, consider an Apollo or Boardman, depending on budget.

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