Carrera Hybrid Bikes

Carrera hybrid bikes are great bikes for people who are looking to get into cycling. Well designed with rugged features, these bikes will handle all the conditions the roads and cycle paths will send their way. Whether for travelling to work on, going to school on or even for weekend leisure rides, there is a Carrera Hybrid that does the job admirably.

We particularly like the best-selling Carrera Crossfire 2 and for anyone who doesn't have the need for suspension forks, the excellent Carrera Subway 1 models.

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Urban Hybrid Bikes

The Carrera urban hybrid bikes are equipped with rigid forks, as opposed to suspension forks - this makes these bikes more fuss-free and suited to reliable commutes in town where all of your power is directed into forward motion. The bigger tyres fitted to the 27.5 mountain bike style wheels provide enough cushioning to take on urban potholes and kerbs, meaning you get a more responsive, direct ride taking you to wherever you need to be.

Carrera Parva - Entry-level hybrid with 14-speed Tourney drivetrain and rim brakes. Smooth city cruising.

Carrera Axle - 21 speed entry-level hybrid kitted out with rim brakes gives you a wide gear range for all day rides.

Carrera Subway 1 - Upgrades to 16-speed Altus shifting and mechanical discs for all-weather stopping power.

Carrera Subway 2 - Hydraulic disc brakes with an 18-speed Altus drivetrain for precision braking across town.

Carrera Subway All Weather - Adds clever touches like mudguards and heated handlebar grips to keep you riding all year round no matter what the conditions are.

Leisure Hybrid Bikes

The Carrera leisure hybrid bikes are equipped with suspension forks, to give you a smoother, more relaxing ride and 700c wheels, perfect for rolling along cycle path trails and quiet back streets.

Carrera Endeavour - 63mm suspension fork with 21-speed Shimano gearing on the best value entry level hybrid around.

Carrera Crossfire 1 - 63mm suspension fork with 21-speed gearing and linear-pull V-brakes for controlled stopping.

Carrera Crossfire 2 - A 75mm suspension fork with 24-speeds and mechanical discs bring versatility for paths and light trails.

Carrera Crossfire 3 - Tops the range with 75mm suspension, 18 speeds, and hydraulic discs for confident performance on variable terrain.

From crowded city streets to open country lanes, Carrera hybrids deliver quality components, dialed ergonomics, and versatile performance mile after mile. Take a test ride and experience the Carrera difference.

For anyone who is looking to spend a little more on something sleeker and faster, you may also want to check out the Boardman Hybrid range, or if you'd fancy a bit of assistance while you are pedalling, take a look at the impressive Carrera E-Bikes. Alternatively, for those looking for something a bit more rugged and off-road than a hybrid, the Carrera Vengeance is currently the UK's most popular mountain bike, and is very suited to a variety of uses.