Carrera Subway All Weather Edition

Carrera Subway All Weather Edition

Weight: 14.5 kg
Suspension: Rigid
Frame: Aluminum
Wheel Size: 27.5”
Gears: 18
Brakes: Hydraulic Disc

Our Verdict: A hybrid equipped uniquely set up for the British weather! Get through the coldest commutes and wettest weather with ease on the Subway AWE.

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7 Reasons You'll Love the Subway All Weather Edition

  1. Heated Grips - GloGrips heated grips powered by a rechargeable battery keep hands warm even in freezing temps.
  2. Hydraulic Disc Brakes - Clarks Clout hydraulic discs provide confident stopping power in any conditions.
  3. Reflective Sidewalls - Kenda K1059 tires have reflective striping for 360° visibility at night.
  4. Integrated Lighting - Always-on LED lights activated by movement means no more forgetting your lights.
  5. Fender Mounts - Full coverage SKS mudguards keep grit and spray off you and the bike's components.
  6. Reflective Decals - Highly reflective decals boost visibility and safety in low light conditions.
  7. Smooth-Shifting Gears - Shimano Altus 2x9 speed drivetrain ensures you always find the right gear.

Subway All Weather Key Features & Benefits

  • GloGrips Heated Grips – Ride comfortably even when temps drop.
  • Clarks Clout Hydraulic Discs – All-weather power and modulation.
  • Kenda K1059 Tyres – Reflective sidewalls for visibility.
  • Integrated LED Lighting – Always-on visibility.
  • SKS Mudguards – Keep yourself and bike’s components protected.
  • Shimano Altus RD-M2000 – Smooth and precise 9-speed shifting.
  • Lifetime Frame Guarantee – Built to last through seasons of riding.

Why Carrera?

For over two decades, Carrera has been manufacturing high-quality and reliable bikes that stand out for their exceptional value. Available on the high street, through Halfords, one of the UK’s most trusted cycling retailers, Carrera offers impressive performance without the premium price tag.

All Carrera bikes are designed to incorporate decades of engineering experience with rigorous testing ensuring that every model meets the highest standards for safety, comfort, and durability. Costs are controlled through integrated in-house manufacturing and direct sales which allows Carrera to equip their bikes with professional-grade components from leading brands rarely found at these lower price points. From road racing to mountain trails, Carrera bikes deliver pro-level performance across disciplines that competitors can’t match pound for pound. With excellent customer service and lifetime maintenance guarantees, Carrera bikes represent unmatched quality for your money. If you seek true value backed by decades of expertise, Carrera is the smart choice.

Don't Buy This Bike If...

  • You want to go fast - this is a stable, comfortable ride focused on commuting.
  • You ride in warm climates year-round - save money and get a standard model.

Do Buy This Bike If...

  • You want worry-free riding in rain, snow, ice, and cold temps.
  • You commute by bike and need reliability in all conditions.
  • You appreciate practical features like integrated lighting.
  • You want quality without paying for expensive brand names.

With its weather-beating upgrades like heated grips, hydraulic discs, integrated lighting and more, the Subway All Weather Edition empowers you to ride through any season. Take this cold-conquering bike out for a spin and experience the Carrera difference.