Welcome to Gisburn Forest

Fantastic mountain biking in the Forest of Bowland

Gisburn Forest can be found in the North East corner of Lancashire, within the Forest of Bowland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, an area reknowned for fantastic mountain biking with beautiful views.

Roll along easily on the chilled out trail by Bottoms Beck, swoop through the singletrack of Park Wood, take on the elevated planks of Simon's Swamp, pick a line on your bike down Hully Gully or hold on tight and drop down the Bigfoot slab – at Gisburn everyone should find something they will remember.

Depending on your skill level and the type of riding you'll want to do, you'll find Gisburn Forest a lot of fun. We've seen riders on hardtail mountainbikes, e-bikes and even riders doing the blue route on gravel bikes. Safety wise you'll definitely want a helmet, and some riders always wear pads too.

Managed by the Forestry Commission, Gisburn is a working and dynamic forest where the trails and recreation facilities are always contining to evolve. Seek out and follow the safety advice on site, and have a great day out!