News & Events

Winter Cafe hours

The on site cafe is now closed on Mondays and Tuesdays for the duration of the winter season. The rest of the forest and trails are open.

Volunteers continuing to meet

Trail volunteers continue to meet throughout the winter months on the second Sunday of every month. There are also other occasional dig-days during at other times. Check the Volunteering page for more info.

Hully Gully repaired and reopened

Many local volunteers, with the help of Forestry Commission staff and have recently expended much energy and a considerable number of hours being dragged down Hully Gully behind wheelbarrows. Muddy ruts have been filled in, braking bumps smoothed out and one steep section pitched with rocks. Finally the whole trail section was given a coat of limestone chippings. The trail has been closed for a few weeks to let the new surface settle in.

The trail down the gully was originally built and surfaced using local material. When it was new and the weather dry the surface was compact and hard. Sadly the impact of rain and exposure has revealled the stone local to this section to be quite soft. Over the winter the surface broke up to such a high degree that repair action was needed. Given the gradient of Hully Gully it is likely that it will need tweeking again from time to time. But the new surface should help reduce the frequency and severity of future repairs. Enjoy again!