Lotus bikes are back!

Iconic British motorsports manufacturer has joined forces with Hope and British Cycling on their latest track bike which they hope will beat the world’s best at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Coming twenty eight years after Chris Boardman famously rode a revolutionary Lotus bike to gold medal in the Barcelona Olympic pursuit, these new Lotus … Read more

Watch: Mass Rider Crash At The Mountain Of Hell Event

The Mountain of Hell event in takes place every year at the end of June in Les Deux Alpes giving riders from around the world an MTB derby that starts at the top of a mountain glacier, with 2500m descent over 25 bone shaking kilometres. The route takes in snow, ice, shingle and rock, and … Read more

The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Track Cycling

Beginners guide to starting trackcycling

Track cycling is one of the fastest growing disciplines in UK cycling right now and definitely accessible to all. We’ll take you through getting started on the track, getting kitted out, and how to progress to racing. You never know, with the fantastic British system in place, you might even make it to Team GB! … Read more

We Went On A Bike Demo In London

Their name might be shocking, but the Stop Killing Cyclists campaign group certainly know how to capture attention. The London based campaign group take their initiative from the Dutch movement of the 70s called ‘Stop de kindermoord’ (stop the child murder). It’s certainly a direct approach to campaigning but their peaceful protests get results that … Read more

Want A Real Collector’s Bike? Here’s How You Can Buy Andre Greipel’s and Adam Hansen’s Official Team Bikes

Adam hansen's Ridley Helium SLX Lotto Soudal Ex-Team Road Bike Top Tube

Update: All of these bikes are now sold With cycling reaching such giddy heights of popularly, it is hard to get a truly unique bike these days. High-end Specializeds, Treks, BMCs and Pinarello’s are commonplace on many club runs and chain gangs. Unless you go to a custom builder, the chances are you’ll find someone … Read more