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British Junior Men’s Road Series winners – the definitive list

As well as the national junior road race championships, contested over one day, the top junior male cyclists in the UK also get to compete in a season-long competition that aims to find the most consistent young riders in the UK.

Racing for the prestigious Peter Buckley trophy, named in honour of a promising Manx champion cyclist who died aged only 24, this series sees the best Juniors from around the country competing on anything from 5 to 12 events depending on logistics. In recent years the competitors also do battle over the multi-day Junior Tour of Wales, allowing the calibre of the country’s future international stage race winners to shine through.

We’ve gone through our archives to build what proves to be an interesting list of the cream of the UK’s top young riders. We’ve highlighted which ones who continued to have success on the road bike and went on to ride in the Tour de France, which ones became senior world champions, which ones are in cycling families, which ones ended up riding for Team Sky and which ones set world records.

We’ve had some incredible riders break through on the world stage in recent years. We can only wonder what would have happened to more of the youngsters of the 70’s and 80’s had there been the support there is now.

Anyway, let’s enjoy their achievements and wonder what success the current crop of youngsters will win for GB on the world stage.

1971 Tony Davies Jeff Morris Mike Heathcock
1972 Stu Morris Peter Hall Steve Fleetwood
1973 Dave Penketh John Harrison Dave Baronowski
1974 Les Fleetwood Mike Williams Alaric Gayfer
has cycling family
1975 Jon Kettell Glen Mltchell Jim Parry
1976 Glenn Mitchell Tony Doyle
became a world champion
John Kettell
1977 Steve Joughin Shaun Fenwick Nigel Bloor
1978 Mark Bell
has cycling family
Neil Martin
has cycling family
Simon Thomas
1979 Mike Doyle John Wainwright Malcolm Elliott
1980 Darryl Webster
has cycling family
John Wainwright Craig Stevens
1981 Keith Reynolds Rob Kennison Kevin Davis
1982 Chris Walker Kevin Byers Rob Kennison
1983 Chris Walker
has cycling family
Deno Davie Chris Lillywhite
1984 Chris Lillywhite Simon Cope Will Mansfield
1985 Stuart Coles Glen Sword Paul Brown
1986 Lester Clarke David Cook Alex Webster
has cycling family
1987 Simeon Hempsall Simon Lillistone Dylan Williams
1988 Matt Stephens Gareth Gimson Ian Wright
1989 Mark Dawes Ian Bryant Toby Pinn
1990 Victor Slinn Julian Ramsbottom Paul Spencer
1991 Mark Dolan Will Wright Scott Bennett
1992 Tim Griffin Richard Bruce Jeremy Hunt
rode Tour de France
1993 Danny Axford Hugh Fairgrieve Anthony Malarcyzk
1994 James Taylor Huw Pritchard Paul Manning
became a world champion
1995 Gavin Sellen David George Russell Downing
has cycling family
1996 Charlie Wegelius
rode Tour de France
Russell Downing
has cycling family
James Griffiths & Graham Hughes
1997 Bradley Wiggins
has cycling familybecame a world championwon olympic medalset world recordrode Tour de France
Martin Lonie Stephen Joseph
1998 Richard Heath & Jamie Alberts Joint 1st Place Sam Collins
1999 Mark Baker Stephen Cummings
became a world championrode Tour de Francewon olympic medal
& Tom Southam
Joint 2nd Place
2000 Andrew Allan James Bell Alex Coutts
2001 Alex Coutts Chris Penketh
has cycling family
Ross Adams
2002 Adam Illingworth Andrew Murphy Christian Varley
2003 Tim Wallis Ryan Bonser Matt Brammeier
2004 Geraint Thomas
rode Tour de Francebecame a world championwon olympic medal
Ian Field Andrew Hill
2005 Alex Dowsett
set world recordrode Tour de France
Russell Hampton Alex Atkins
2006 Andrew Griffrths Mark McNally Simon Holt
2007 Peter Kennaugh
rode Tour de Francehas cycling familybecame a world championwon olympic medal
Luke Rowe
rode Tour de Francewon olympic medal
Mark McNally
2008 Erick Rowsell
has cycling family
Luke Rowe
rode Tour de Francewon olympic medal
David Nichols
2009 Joe Perrett Tim Kennaugh
has cycling family
David Nichols
2010 Simon Yates
rode Tour de Francehas cycling familybecame a world championWon Olympic medals
Tom Moses Joshua Edmondson
2011 Alistair Slater Luke Grivell-Mellor Brennan Townshend
2012 Alex Peters Harry Tanfield Tao Geoghegan Hart
2013 Jake Kelly Scott Davies Gabriel Cullaigh
2014 Matthew Gibson James Shaw Alexander Braybrooke
2015 Etienne Georgi
has cycling family
Joey Walker
has cycling family
Robert Scott
2016 Charlie Meredith Robert Scott Peter Kibble
2017 Oscar Mingay Harry Hardcastle Daniel Coombe
2018 Mason Hollyman Samuel Watson Lewis Askey
2019 Leo Hayterhas cycling family Max Walker
Lewis Askey
Joint 2nd Place
2020 Covid Covid Covid


has cycling family Strong cycling family

became a world champion Became a senior world champion

Won Olympic medals Won Olympic medals

set world record Set a UCI World Record

rode Tour de France Rode the Tour de France

You might have noticed some surprising names missing from the list. No Robert Millar, Chris Boardman, Mark Cavendish, Mark Walsham, Ed Clancy, Rob Hayles, Roger Hammond or Dean Downing.
Some developed their endurance later on, others concentrated on track or time-trialling and for some travelling the length of the country as a teenager just wasn’t viable. But that’s a feature for another day.
Want more old school cycling knowledge? Check out our pages on the legendary cycling commentator David Duffield

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