Obree Beatie For Sale

Your Chance to Own Graeme Obree’s Bikes and Medals

Its not often you get the chance to get your hands on a world record setting rider’s bike. Its even rarer when the rider in question is famous for making his own unique one-off creations that are known and revered throughout the cycling world

However, if you’re a fan of British cycling now is your chance to do just that and acquire some iconic parts of cycling history.

Former world champion and world hour record holder Graeme Obree is selling an extensive collection of kit and memorabilia.

Pride of place for the serious collector will be Old Beastie, the recumbent cycle Graeme designed and built in his kitchen that featured in the documentary Battle Mountain. With a guide price of between £10K-£15K we thing the bidding will be hot at the auction in Glasgow next Saturday 23rd September 2017.

Obree Beatie For Sale Beatie with fairing

Also on offer is a time trial bike designed and built by Obree for his comeback season in 2006. With a guide price of between £2K-£3K the auctioneers describe it as :

 …built using Reynolds 653 and is silver soldered using cut down lugs and joining pieces for lightness. The bare frames weighs less than 1,300g. The forks are Hotty speciality from 1997 with titanium steering column and carbon blades. The handle bar arrangement and seat post were formed from solid 6082 aluminium and hand made by Graeme. Graeme considers this frame to be a work of art rather than cutting edge machine. He rode it at Donington Park motor racing circuit in 2009 at the BikerRader event with different forks and full bike set up and set the 2nd fastest lap on it. It is striped down to it’s bare minimum minus wheels and oily bits for artistic purity

Obree TT bike


If you’re not as familiar with British cyclists exploits on the world stage in the 1990s it’s safe to say, in the current era of Team Sky and marginal gains, that world hour record holder Graeme Obree was the finest maverick cyclist this country has ever produced. As the auctioneers describe him

Born in 1965, Graeme Obree’s career has been an inspiration for cyclists across the world from cycle tourists to elite cyclists such as Sir Chris Hoy. The two-time world hour record holder, who was named BBC Sportscene personality of the year in 1993, developed a keen interest in cycling as a youngster and regularly won senior races as a junior. Inspired by the hour record set by Francesco Moser in 1984, Obree went on to break the record using his own ‘crouch’ position, which was banned twice, riding ‘Old Faithful’ the bike he hand built using parts from a washing machine.
When Chris Boardman used heart rates and power cranks to train for the hour attempts, Graeme Obree took to the hills of Scotland, old school. Obree – famed for his innovative techniques, re-invented the rulebooks so many times that the UCI locked him and his designs down. He is in the Scottish Sports Hall of Fame as well as the British Cycling Hall of Fame, recognising the massive contribution he has made to the sport.

If you want something a little more affordable there are two of Graeme’s national champion’s jerseys and a distinctive Scotoil skinsuit that are guided to go between £100-£200.

Obree National Champs Jerseys


There’s other racing memorabilia too with a collection of RTTC medals that Graeme had won over the years. Of particular note is lot 340 which is described as

A yellow-metal British Cycling Federation National Championship gold medal
the obverse inscribed British Cycling Federation National Championship, the reverse lettered Time Trial 1997 with ribbon
This was the last title won riding ‘Old Faithful’ and the last victory of note in Graeme’s career. It was especially important since it was won with no special position and according to the latest rules


Obree Medals for sale


If you want something bigger to display in a cabinet you can get this salver presented to Graeme by the BCF

 in recognition of his achievement in setting a new World One Hour Record 51.596 KMS, Hamar, Norway 1993, 31cm wide

Obree Trophy

Also on offer are movie props used by Jonny Lee Miller who played Graeme in the film Flying Scotsman, movie posters, Olympic memorabilia and even a Through The Keyhole key that was awarded to Graeme after he appeared on the programme.

Guide prices for the Obree lots start at just £30 and we hope many of the items will be bought by charitable UK collectors who will make them available to be displayed in museums, velodromes and other public spaces.

We’ve had no news from Graeme on the reason for this momentous sale but we wish him well in whatever his new endeavours are. He really is warmly loved in cycling circles.

If you’re interested in purchasing get along for viewing at 1291 Dumbarton Road,  Glasgow G14 9UY, this Thursday or Friday or email [email protected] to register for online bidding.

Bank Junction closed to motor traffic

London’s Bank Junction closed to cars and open to people

Today saw a major transport shift in the City of London as Bank Junction was finally closed to motorised traffic.

Bought in by the City of London Corporation the ban, between 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday, only cyclists and buses will be allowed into the junction for a trial period which will last 18 months.

Authorities brought in the changes following a series of traffic collisions in the area which injured and killed pedestrians and cyclists.

Cycling safety campaigners Stop Killing Cyclists were there to celebrate the changes, commenting that it was their first ‘Live In’ demonstration, compared to the number of ‘Die Ins’ that the group is known for

Bikesy were also there celebrating this change in transport thinking in the financial heart of the UK

Images are free to use and share provided you include an HTTP link back to this page or to the main bikesy site

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Pisenti Modular Uno Bike

You won’t believe how much this 1980s carbon bike is selling for

You probably won’t ever see one of these for sale again.

This is a genuine Pesenti Modulare Uno from 1987 and it’s as rare as hen’s teeth.

Pisenti Modular Uno Front View
The price for someone who wants to own such a unique, radical, iconic design? A cool £15,500 ($20,0000 USD).

Equipped with Campagnolo’s Croce d’Aune groupset with Delta brakes and some of the first Cinelli disc wheels this bike was first unveiled to the world at the Milan Bike Show in 1987 by its designer Andrea Pesenti.

Pesenti was the driving force behind the classic Cinelli Laser design of bikes, during an era when cycle design could be as bold as the materials would allow, unhindered by overly stringent regulations. The Modular Uno is his carbon follow up design, nne of the first bikes manufactured in carbon fiber monocoque. Featuring a distinctive aerodynamic fork shape and a one piece handlebar it was already being dreamt up by Pesenti in the early 80s.

“In 1983 I started to design it” – Andrea Pesenti has confirmed – “but it was still a sketch on a piece of paper”.

“It wasn’t easy to make a fork like that back then – still – that was one of the first that did not break!”

The Modular Uno design also featured swapable rear drop outs meaning the bike could be ridden on the track or on the road.

Sadly, whoever buys this bike won’t be able to race it as this bike has a crack in the bottom bracket shell, a common flaw in early prototype carbon frames from the 80s, so will have to take pride of place mounted on a wall or in a museum. But whoever gets it will know they’ve got a fantastic example of a bike made at the height of futuristic cycle design.

Want to make an offer? It’s available on eBay here

Pisenti Modular Uno Bike rear view Pisenti Modular Uno Bike rear view Pisenti Modular Uno Bike drivetrain Pisenti Modular Uno Bike drivetrain Pisenti Modular Uno Bike with Cinelli Volate saddle Pisenti Modular Uno Bike with Cinelli Volate saddle Pisenti Modular Uno Bike with signed handlebars Pisenti Modular Uno Bike signed handlebars Pisenti Modular Uno Bike original designs Pisenti Modular Uno Bike original designs Pisenti Modular Uno Bike at Milan Bike Show Pisenti Modular Uno Bike at Milan Bike Show

Want to own Bauke Mollema’s aero helmet? Now you can

Want to own Bauke Mollema’s original aero helmet amongst others?
Now’s your chance to grab a piece of cycling history.
Suddenly offered on Facebook is this job lot of official team helmets from the Milram, Rabobank and Belkin teams.
Team kit like this hardly ever comes up for sale unless you are well in the know with team employees so it’s great to see the self styled “Colnago King” Harry Nac offering these at an incredibly low price of just Eu19.95 each which translates to just £16.89 at today’s exchange rates or $21.85 for our American friends.
The only catch? Harry is selling them as a job lot…

578.00 Euro

Only made for the PRO Team, very hard to find.

Nice Belkin Pro Team version.

Giro Advanced Rabobank

Specialized Milram Team

Only 19.95 Euro each helmet

Most are size Small

This will be a perfect lot to sell off.

So if you run a team, want to treat your club mates or fancy making yourself some money by selling them over the coming year on eBay, jump in. These are normally next to impossible to get hold of
Serious enquiries should be made in the first instance to Harry Nac at [email protected] and be quick, based on Harry’s previous sales these won’t hang around.


Bauke Mollema's aero helmet for sale

Is This The World’s Most Expensive Cycling Jersey?

It takes a lot to shock us here at Bikesy. We’ve seen a Bugatti Bicycle for £39,000 and we’ve seen a Trek Bikes painted by Damien Hirst sell for half a million dollars but here at Bikesy Towers where the ethos is helping people save money, we think this Rapha jersey takes the biscuit!

Now, let’s be clear here – this isn’t the renowned designer Paul Smith trying to make a fast buck.
Paul originally made this jersey in conjunction with British cycle clothing brand Rapha to celebrate the Tour de France Grand Depart coming to London in 2007.

At the time the merino wool jersey retailed for £175, still a tidy sum and beyond the budget of many a club cyclist but for anyone who could afford one the classic collared designs reflecting the heady days of old showing the dual Tricoleur and Union flag with the words Grand Depart emblazoned across its centre panel it turned out to be a wise investment.

How wise? Well one of these jerseys is currently for sale at £10,000.

Yes, you read that right. Ten grand for a cycle shirt…

Offered as “The mother of all cycling jerseys” this bagged and tagged example in size medium is for sale on eBay by user 19joe80

From the product listing-

The mother of all cycling jerseys.
A collaboration between Paul Smith and Rapha saw this limited edition produced for the 2007 Grand Depart of the Tour de France from London.
Size: Medium
This has been stored in an airtight bag in the dark since it was purchased.

A piece of cycling history.

Helpfully, it comes with free postage and packing.

£10,000 cycling jersey by Rapha and Paul Smith

So, if you’ve got that type of rider in your club with more money than they know how to spend, and they absolutely LOVE bikes and cycling, you know what to tell them to get next!


The World’s Best Full Suspension MTB is Finally For Sale

(Pictures below)
Sometimes you’ve got to look overseas to find real innovation in cycling. The days of Muddy Fox, Pace, Orange leading the way in MTB design have sadly passed us by, the real action is happening over in Europe.

Serbia has not always been known as a leader in MTB design but you can rest assured, our cycling brothers and sisters in the Balkan States are always pushing the boundaries in cycle design.

While not on the top of everyone’s MTB destination, Serbia boasts some incredible downhill courses and had its first bike park open in Kopaonik back in 2012.

Kopaonik bike park Serbia
Kopaonik bike park Serbia

In fact some of the riding in Serbia is so gnarly that locals have found regular 160mm travel Enduro bikes just aren’t enough to cope with the hardcore terrain and have started, in true Repack tradition to engineer their own machines to hammer.

If you’ve always wanted the 200mm plus front travel needed to ride some of the World Champs level courses but couldn’t afford the expensive outlay of a pro-level DH bike here’s your chance to snap one up for just €150.

One canny bike designer has solved this problem by basing his design on the trusty Balance Full Suspension MTB so popular in Eastern Europe, with some well thought out additions.

Balance Full Suspension MTB
A Stock Balance Full Suspension MTB

Currently available via Serbian classifieds this amazing machine can really be yours for just 150Eur, but be aware this mechanically 100%  correct marvel is only intended for “serious buyers” who are “lovers of handicrafts”

Full suspension mountain bike extra forks advert

In English the ad reads like this (after mangling with Google translate)

Balance Full Suspension
Handmade with three forks, an incredibly comfortable ride, a bike made to go through various terrains without any problems, invested a lot of effort, time and money ..
There is no luft, mechanically 100% correct when there is a will and material resources that is, about the middle of aesthetics.
The price is 150 €, with no stupid questions that let the price right to that money out when it is sold in parts
Serious buyers and lovers of handicrafts ship inbox snapshot of how it works …
Replacement exclusively for the mobile phone, the price of the replacement is greater. .

Wheel size:
26 “
Shock absorbers:
Front and Rear
Used / Impeccable condition
Personally download, Courier Services


Full Suspension Beauty Full Suspension Beauty Full Suspension Beauty Full Suspension Beauty Full Suspension Beauty Full Suspension Beauty

Personally I’d go with a Rockrider or Boardman Mountain Bike or Specialized e-mtb but we are firm believers of each to their own, and we really respect the boundaries being pushed here.