Black Carrera Bike

Black Carrera Bike

Carrera make some of the most popular bikes in the UK, from their mountain bikes, to racing machines, right the way up to their excellent electric bike range. 

While some bike manufacturers opt for bright and flowery colours, there are plenty of people out there who prefer the subtle and understated colour of black for their bicycle.

If you're someone who prefers a black bicycle, whether it's because you want the bike to go unnoticed when you park it up, or you just prefer the stealthy look, Carrera provide a large range of their bicycles in the colour black. 

If you're looking for a good selection of Carrera black bikes, you've come to the right place!

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Popular Carrera Mountain Bike Black Models

Carrera Vengeance Mountain Bike

The Vengeance is currently laying claim to being the most popular mountain bike in the UK at the moment. Coming in both standard pedal and e-bike format, it's subtle understated looks, lifetime warrantied lightweight alloy frame and top-notch components have made this a winner. 

Carrera Hellcat Mountain Bike

The Hellcat is similar to the Vengeance but has bigger and wider tyres giving you superb grip and performance when you need it most on the trail. The larger diameter 29-inch wheels will also give you smoother and steadier handling, rolling over bumps with ease. And its stealthy black frame ensures this hardtail mountain bike looks classy and understated the whole time.

Other Carrera Bikes in Black

Carrera Crossfire 2

The Crossfire 2 is a hybrid bike perfectly suited to roads, cycle paths, farm tracks and canal towpaths. With large 700c wheels, comfortable upright seating position, its 24-speed Shimano gearing will give you plenty of choice on all terrains. Use it for leisure, commuting or fitness - it handles the lot with ease. The Crossfire 2 comes in both womens and mens hybrid bike options.

Carrera Subway

The Subway 2 is a hybrid in a similar style to the Crossfire 2, and is suitable for the same type of terrain. The main difference is that it comes with mtb style 27.5 inch wheel size and 2x9 mtb gearing, giving it an advantage over rougher trails and placing it slightly closer to a Carrera mountain bike than a standard hybrid.