Ex demo electric bikes for sale - a great way to buy an electric bike

A great way of getting a cheaper electric bike is to buy an ex display or ex demo model.

We know that ex demo electric bikes can be hard to find, so every day we hunt through our favourite bike shops to pick out and group together the ex demo electric bike bargains that are regularly popping up.

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If you see a model for sale that fits your budget and is your size then you'll probably want to hurry as we know from experience a lot of these e-bike offers don't hang around for long.

If you're looking to spend even less on an e-bike then take a look at the e-bikes we've found for less than £500 that are currently available, or check out the Carrera Vengeance E-bike which is one of the UK's most popular entry-level e-bikes at the moment

Types of electric bikes currently on sale

Whether you're after an electric road bike, an electric mountain bike, or an electric assist bike for around town, you should find a good selection of different types of on sale electric bike deals to buy here. Some will have been built up for a customer already and not sold, some will have light cosmetic marks and some may be sold as nearly new or lightly used electric bikes.

Can you buy a used electric bike from a shop?

Some stores also sell off lightly used electric bicycles through the ex-display category. This always a great way to buy cheaper used bicycles and using this approach to get used / ex-demo bikes is no different as you know the shop is subject to certain legal requirements that a private seller may not be, the level of mechanical service should be to the store's high standard, and the warranty concerns will be easily sorted.