Apollo Cosmo

Apollo Cosmo

Key Features of the Apollo Cosmo Women's Hybrid Bike:

  • Frame: Lightweight alloy for agile commuting
  • Gears: 18 speed Shimano gears, providing reliability and a range of options
  • Brakes: Steel V-brakes for effective and controlled stopping
  • Wheels: 27.5" with hybrid tyres, ideal for both city and off-road cycling
  • Ride Comfort: Designed with a rigid steel fork to enhance durability and comfort

Our Verdict: The Apollo Cosmo is a versatile hybrid with a thoughtful balance of comfort and efficiency, perfect for both urban commutes and leisurely park rides.

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Designed with an urban landscape in mind, the Apollo Cosmo Women's Hybrid Bike is a versatile and stylish option for the everyday commuter or the weekend leisure rider. Crafted to seamlessly blend the best of both road and mountain bikes, this hybrid steed caters to the female cyclist seeking reliability, comfort, and performance. Its lightweight alloy frame and a robust selection of Shimano gears, make it an attractive contender within the market, aiming to elevate the riding experience across various urban environments.

Apollo Cosmo Features

Every component of the Apollo Cosmo reflects a commitment to offering a functional and enjoyable ride. At the heart of the bike is its lightweight alloy frame, designed to provide an optimum balance between weight and strength. The choice of material ensures the bike is not only easy to handle but durable enough to withstand the daily grind of city riding.

The rigid steel forks contribute to the bike's durability and provide a smooth ride quality by absorbing vibrations, making it more comfortable for the cyclist, especially during longer commutes.

Gearing is a critical element in defining a hybrid bike's versatility, and the Apollo Cosmo doesn't disappoint. It features a set of 18-speed Shimano gears, allowing riders to tackle a variety of gradients with ease. This broad range of gearing also means that acceleration is snappy and efficient, suitable for both gentle slopes and steeper inclines commonly encountered on urban trails.

Stopping power is provided by Steel V-brakes which offer consistent braking performance and easy maintenance. The decision to use V-brakes on a hybrid bike like the Cosmo ensures reliability in both dry and wet conditions, giving riders confidence in their control.

Components that Complement the Ride

The Apollo Cosmo comes equipped with 27.5" wheels, shod with hybrid tyres. The wheel size strikes a perfect middle-ground – offering quick acceleration while still maintaining a smooth ride over bumpy terrain. Furthermore, the hybrid tyres are specially selected to offer ample grip, making them a great companion on both paved roads and gravel paths.

The drivetrain of the bike consists of a Shimano Tourney 18-speed groupset, inclusive of a Shimano Tourney rear derailleur and a matching front derailleur. This setup provides a smooth shifting experience and has been chosen for its sturdy build and low maintenance.

Tailored to the Female Rider

Understanding that comfort is key, Apollo has thoughtfully tailored the Cosmo to fit female ergonomics. From the seat post to the handlebars, each touchpoint is designed to provide a comfortable and controlled riding position. The Chainset comes with a crank arm length proportionate to the frame size, further ensuring an optimised riding experience for women.

Riding Experience on Various Terrain

The Apollo Cosmo shines in its ability to adapt to varying riding conditions, thanks to its hybrid nature. It is just as home on the tarmac of city streets as it is on the gravel paths of a picturesque park. The bike's gearing, wheelset, and tyre combination work well in harmony, offering a ride that feels secure and responsive on flat surfaces, while also capable of handling the tougher challenges of climbing and bumpy trails.

  • Frame: Lightweight alloy
  • Forks: Rigid steel
  • Gears: 18-speed Shimano
  • Brakes: Steel V-brakes
  • Wheels/Tyres: 27.5" wheels with hybrid tyres


The Apollo Cosmo Women's Hybrid Bike is the choice of those seeking a multi-purpose ride. Riders praise its comfortable seating and easy-to-use gears, making their commutes and recreational rides more enjoyable. Customers particularly compliment the lightweight frame which facilitates easy transportation, storing and manoeuvrability. With its blend of robustness, ease of use, and style, the Apollo Cosmo is more than just a mode of transport – it's an indispensable tool for the modern commuter.