Apollo Jewel Bike

Apollo Jewel Bike

Key Features of the Apollo Jewel Women's Mountain Bike:

  • Lightweight aluminium frame for easy maneuverability
  • Smooth 18 speed LTWOO gear set for versatile riding
  • Front suspension with 60mm travel to tackle uneven terrain
  • Durable steel V-Brakes for reliable stopping power
  • 27.5" MTB tires for optimal grip and control

Our Verdict: The Apollo Jewel strikes an excellent balance between performance and comfort, providing an affordable option for women stepping into mountain biking.

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Unleash your spirit of adventure and embrace the thrill of the trails with the Apollo Jewel Mountain Bike. Designed with the daring woman in mind, this bike combines the agility required for challenging landscapes with the comfort desired for those long rides. Balancing performance and affordability, the Apollo Jewel finds its niche amongst recreational riders and weekend warriors longing for quality without breaking the bank.

The Heart of the Apollo Jewel

At the core of the Apollo Jewel lies a lightweight aluminium frame. Crafted for resilience and responsiveness, this frame is the backbone of a bike built to withstand the wear and tear of off-road adventures. The meticulous geometry of the frame aligns with the female form, offering an ergonomic fit that translates into hours of comfortable riding.

Embrace the Off-Road with Confidence

The Apollo MTB forks provide a modest 60mm of travel, absorbing the shock of rugged paths and ensuring a smoother ride over bumps and dips. Additionally, the bike stands on dependable 27.5-inch MTB tyres, offering the stability needed to confront loose gravel and uncertain terrain with assurance.

Shifting Dynamics - The LTWOO Gear Set

When it’s time to shift gears and tackle steep inclines or enjoy the rush of a descent, the 18 speed LTWOO gear set promises smooth and reliable transitions. This selection of gears allows you to find your rhythm and pedal with purpose, whether you're hammering up a climb or cruising along singletrack.

Breath-taking Stops with V-Brakes

Agility is not just about speed; it's about control. That’s where the V-Brakes come into play. These brakes are engineered for precise modulation, providing riders with the ability to execute quick, consistent stops without compromising on the thrill of the ride.

Riding the Apollo Jewel - The Experience

Riders can anticipate a marriage of comfort and adventure aboard the Apollo Jewel. Tested against various landscapes, the bike showcases its prowess on muddy paths under inclement weather conditions and remains unfaltering when faced with the challenges of dry, rocky trails. The synergy between the front suspension and the MTB tyres allows for an enjoyable experience across different terrains.

The bike's performance is remarkable not only in the handling of technical sections but also in its ability to maintain a steady pace on more forgiving ground. You can expect a machine that reacts intuitively to your movements, with a frame that encourages an aggressive stance for power when climbing, yet provides the nimbleness needed to rail berms or send it over features with confidence.


The Apollo Jewel Women’s Mountain Bike is where technology meets practicality, offering an inclusive ride that caters to the needs of the modern-day adventurer. Riders who have embraced the trails aboard this jewel share stories of its stalwart performance, be it flirting with gravity along descents or shredding through gnarly sections with ease. Testimonials speak volumes of the empowering feeling when maneuvering a bike that is as robust as it is precise.

The bike doesn’t just draw admiration from the rider alone, but from the community that witnesses its reliable performance, ride after ride. As recommendations go, it’s clear that the Apollo Jewel is a bike that can be relied upon to deliver a consistently joyous and adventuresome encounter with the great outdoors. A truly phenomenal choice for anyone looking to dip their toes into the world of mountain biking, or for the seasoned rider in search of a dependable companion.