Apollo Phaze

Apollo Phaze

Top Features:

  • Frame: Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Suspension: Apollo MTB front forks with 60mm travel
  • Gears: 18 speed Shimano Tourney Revoshift
  • Brakes: Reliable steel V-brakes for controlled stopping
  • Wheels: Durable 27.5” tires suitable for varied terrain

Our Verdict: The Apollo Phaze provides an excellent mix of durability, control, and comfort, perfect for tackling different off road trails.

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If you're on a quest to discover the great outdoors, the Apollo Phaze Mountain Bike stands as a beacon of adventure for those looking to traverse the winding paths and challenging days out. Designed with the thrill-seeking novice in mind, this steadfast companion offers a potent combination of comfort and endurance without hammering your wallet.

Apollo Phaze's Features

Delving into the anatomy of the Apollo Phaze reveals an intricate weave of technological achievements designed to withstand the rigours of off-road cycling. This hardtail harbours a lightweight aluminium frame, providing a favourable strength-to-weight ratio that empowers riders with the agility needed to tackle precipitous trails and hardcore terrain whilst still offering a structurally sound base.

  • Frame Geometry: The Phaze's thoughtfully crafted sloping top tube affords riders ample clearance, vital for those abrupt descents and technical sections where quick manoeuvrability is essential.
  • Drivetrain: The muscle of the bike, a reliable Shimano Tourney Revoshift 18 speed groupset, provides a range of gearing options capable of ascending steep gradients with ease and allowing for rapid transitions that lend themselves to shredding trails.
  • Fork and Suspension: With 60mm of travel, the Apollo MTB forks absorb the jolts and jars of rough terrain, aiding in a smoother ride and steadier control when the trails get gnarly.
  • Braking System: Steel V-brakes offer the necessary stopping power, ensuring dependable performance in dry and wet conditions alike, crucial when navigating unpredictable environments.
  • Wheels and Tyres: The 27.5” MTB tyres find the sweet spot between nimbleness and stability, providing the traction required for gripping varied surfaces and maintaining momentum over obstacles.

Rider Experience

Though the Apollo Phaze may be categorized as an entry-level mountain bike, its capability to adapt to a diversity of conditions suggests anything but beginner. Whether it’s the sun-parched dust of summer tracks or the slick and sodden mire of a winter trail, the Phaze remains a loyal compatriot to the mountain biking enthusiast.

Around singletracks and over rolling hills, the bike’s responsive handling and comfortable riding position will instil you with confidence, and when you face steeper inclines, the gear system responds with precision, allowing you to maintain an efficient climbing rhythm without breaking your spirit.

Descending on the Phaze is just as fun, with the suspension fork absorbing enough of the impact to let you feel in control without numbing the thrill of the ride. And when it’s time to rail the corners and push the limits through berms, the bike’s grip and brake synergy work in tandem to provide you with a controlled yet exhilarating experience.

Spec Sheet in Detail

  • Frame: Lightweight aluminium alloy, available in S, M, L sizes catering for riders of varying heights.
  • Forks: Apollo MTB suspension forks with 60mm travel.
  • Gears: 18 speed Shimano gear set, with Shimano Tourney mechs and Shimano Revoshift shifters.
  • Brakes: Steel V-brakes, known for their reliable stopping power.
  • Wheels: Sturdy 27.5-inch wheels paired with MTB tyres adept for trail riding.
  • Additional Features: Front suspension to absorb shocks, quick release on front wheel for easy transportation and maintenance.

A Summary of the Apollo Phaze Experience

The Apollo Phaze Mens Mountain Bike serves as an exemplary choice for riders taking their first pedals into the world of mountain biking or for those seeking a dependable steed without the prohibitive cost often associated with this genre. Testimonials from the community of cyclists who have embraced the Phaze often highlight its ease of handling and comfort over extended periods of strenuous cycling. One rider enthuses about the bike's proficiency in clawing up hilly segments while another commends the supple feedback provided by the suspension on rugged descents.

With the comprehensive value on offer, it is no surprise that the bike comes highly recommended for those desiring a cycle that balances performance with affordability, inviting riders to embark on a journey that is as rewarding as it is thrilling.