Apollo Slant

Apollo Slant

At a Glance:

  • Frame: Sturdy steel frame suitable for rugged terrain
  • Suspension: Front suspension forks for improved comfort and control
  • Gears: 18 speed Shimano gear set, catering to various gradients
  • Brakes: Steel V-brakes for reliable stopping power
  • Wheels: 26inch Kenda tyres designed for tough trails

Our Verdict: The Apollo Slant is an affordably priced, reliable mountain bike that's ready to tackle local trails and provide a fun riding experience.

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The Apollo Slant Mens is a solid contender in the arena of mountain biking, perfectly tailored for enthusiasts looking to conquer local trails or simply indulge in the joy of a countryside ride. With its durable steel frame, front suspension, and versatile 18 speed Shimano gear set, this mountain bike is designed to cater to a broad range of riders, from novices finding their footing in the off-road world to seasoned cyclists seeking a reliable steed. Ensconced in value, the Apollo Slant offers an affordable gateway into the realm of mountain biking, without compromising on the calibre expected by avid riders.

Slant Design

At the heart of the Apollo Slant is a robust steel frame, giving the bike resilience and a reassuring weight advantageous when tackling rugged terrain. The geometry of the frame supports a comfortable upright riding position, adapting admirably to both ascents and descents, thanks to its cleverly sloping top tube. The build supports not just rigorous riding but also the potential installation of a rear-mounted child seat for family adventures (except the small-size variant).

  • Suspension forks ebb the jolts and judders of off-road exploration, ensuring a more comfortable ride over rocks, roots, and rough patches.
  • A Shimano Tourney Revoshift 18 speed groupset equips riders with a range of gears to effortlessly transition from flat pathways to challenging inclines. The grip shifters offer convenience and ease of use, facilitating crisp gear changes on the fly.
  • The V-Brakes are fashioned from steel, providing consistent stopping power required for the unpredictability of mountain terrain.
  • 26inch Kenda tyres feature, chosen for their balance of grip and shock absorption, they are a staple for navigating technical tracks with confidence.

Riding The Apollo Slant

From leisurely rides across gently rolling hills to more adventurous tracks where the rougher elements of nature come into play, the Apollo Slant Mens Mountain Bike is poised to deliver a memorable experience. It hammers down singletracks and rails berms with vigor, while the 60mm of fork travel ensures it can handle the gnarlier bumps without buckling under pressure. The thoughtful choice of components elevates the ride above mere commuting; it's an invitation to send it down trails, climb with zest, and enjoy the versatile abilities of this hardtail.

The reliable Shimano Tourney Revoshift system lets riders quickly shift through the gears when the terrain demands a quick response, allowing for seamless climbing and controlled descents. Weather conditions, from sun-soaked tracks to muddier, slippery stretches, are no match for the tenacity of the Slant, its tyres and brakes collaborating to ensure rider safety and performance remain paramount.

Slant Technical Specifications

  • Frame: Sturdy steel hardtail
  • Forks: Suspension offering 60mm travel
  • Groupset: Shimano Tourney Revoshift 18 speed
  • Front Derailleur: Down pull, triple, 28.6mm clamp
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano Tourney 6 speed
  • Brake Type: Steel V-Brakes
  • Disc Brakes: Not applicable
  • Wheels: 26" featuring Kenda K-831A tyres
  • Chainset: Steel, 24/34/42t, 170mm cranks
  • Gear Shifters: Shimano Revoshift grip shifters, 3x6 speed


After substantial user feedback, the Apollo Slant Mens Mountain Bike earns glowing praise for its resilience, comfortable ride quality, and consistent performance across varied terrain. Riders emphasize the value for money aspect of the Slant; unraveling the often inaccessible world of mountain biking to a wider audience without sacrificing the essential features that make off-road cycling a thrill. The steel frame and reliable Shimano gearing system are repeatedly lauded for their sturdiness and ease of use, pushing riders to recommend the Slant as an excellent choice for those looking to invest in their first mountain bike. Wrapping up, with a lifetime frame guarantee and free safety checks, the Apollo Slant stands as a commendable choice in an adventurous cycling journey.