Apollo Twilight

Apollo Twilight

Key Features of the Apollo Twilight Women's Mountain Bike:

  • Frame: Durable steel construction ideal for trail riding
  • Suspension: Front fork with 50mm travel to tackle rough terrain
  • Gears: 18 speed Shimano gear set for various inclines
  • Brakes: Steel V-brakes for reliable stopping power
  • Tyres: 26inch Kenda tyres for grip and control

Our Verdict: The Apollo Twilight is an exceptional mountain bike that offers the durability and control needed for adventurous trail riding.

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Set yourself up for a thrilling mountain adventure with the Apollo Twilight Women's Mountain Bike, a rugged companion designed to introduce novices and recreational riders to the joys of off-road cycling. Aimed specifically at the female market, this bike combines durability, comfort and the quality of Shimano gear set components in a cost-effective package. The Apollo Twilight holds its own in a competitive market where reliability and value converge to empower explorers to conquer trails and embrace the great outdoors.

Sturdy Apollo Frame Construction

The backbone of the Apollo Twilight Mountain Bike is its hardtail steel frame, crafted for resilience. Its sloping top tube design caters to ease of use and accessibility, especially when the terrain gets challenging and manoeuvrability is crucial. This hardy construction assures riders their bike can withstand the knocks and bumps that come with off-road thrills.

Responsive Front Suspension

Riders can expect a front suspension fork offering 60mm of travel, enough to soften the harshness of rough singletracks, roots and rocks. This enhances the overall control and reduces fatigue by absorbing vibrations, keeping the focus on the trail ahead.

Smooth Gear Shifting

Climbing or switching between different climbs becomes easier with the 18 speed Shimano gear set. The inlcusion of the Shimano Revoshift 3x6 gear shifters and a Shimano Tourney TZ 6-speed rear mech make sure each gear change is filled with precision, encouraging riders to send it through climbs with confidence.

Reliable Braking System

Descent control is managed with steel V-brakes ensuring consistent, responsive braking power when swiftly descending or coming to rapid stops. These brakes offer peace of mind, particularly in wet and muddy conditions where control is paramount.

Wheel and Tyre Configuration

The bike sports 26inch Kenda tyres, known for their grip and durability. These tires offer a balance between smooth rolling on paths and firm traction in the dirt, allowing riders to rail berms and tackle technical sections assuredly.

The Apollo Twilight Women's Mountain Bike has been designed to provide a pleasurable riding experience across a multitude of settings. From dry, dusty trails to wet, slippery tracks, the Twilight’s geometry and componentry come together to deliver a stable and engaging ride. Whether it's a serene ride across a countryside trail or a fierce battle against the rugged terrain, this bike will inspire confidence in its rider.


Concluding our journey with the Apollo Twilight Women's Mountain Bike, it is clear that this offering from Apollo pulls no punches when it comes to delivering a ride that is as delightful as it is dependable. Customer testimonials reflect the contentment of riders who have explored the capabilities of the Twilight. Many praise its seamless gear shifting, dependable stopping power and the sheer fun factor it adds to any off-road venture. Recommending the Twilight is easy; it is a versatile mountain bike that delivers beyond its price point, making it an exceptional choice for women seeking adventure on the trials.