Apollo Incessant

Apollo Incessant

Apollo Incessant Women's Mountain Bike - Key Features

  • Lightweight alloy frame for easy maneuverability
  • Front Suspension with 80mm travel for comfort on rough trails
  • 21-speed Shimano Tourney Trigger Shift gearing for various terrains
  • Mechanical disc brakes providing reliable stopping power
  • 27.5" Kenda K-1027 tires ensuring ample traction and control

Our Verdict: The Apollo Incessant strikes a brilliant balance between lightweight design and rugged durability, perfect for female riders looking to conquer diverse mountain trails.

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As the mountains call you and the trails beckon, the Apollo Incessant Mountain Bike emerges as a promising ally for the wild-hearted adventurer. Designed specifically for the female rider, this mountain bike promises to elevate your off-road experience, positioning itself as a reliable steed in the competitive arena of outdoor cycling. Tailored to fit a range of sizes with S, M, and L frames, the Apollo Incessant offers both versatility and accessibility, ensuring every rider finds their perfect match for an unbridled journey across varied landscapes.

The Apollo Incessant Design

In the world of mountain biking, where endurance and resilience are key, the Apollo Incessant offers a great frame built for durability. It's not just the strength of the lightweight Apollo full alloy frame that makes it remarkable, but also the intuitive design elements that reflect an understanding of the rider's needs. The bike's geometry and construction are mindful of female ergonomics, aiming for comfort and control on even the most bumpy trails.

The Apollo Incessant is kitted out with 27.5-inch wheels, complete with Kenda K-1027 tyres that guarantee an excellent grip over slippery roots or loose gravel. These wheels strike a balance between agility and stability, suited for both the precision of technical singletrack riding and the exhilaration of hammering down open descents.

You can't overlook the sophistication of the Apollo Incessant's groupset - the Shimano Tourney Trigger Shift, giving 21 speeds to conquer steep climbs and optimize performance on flat terrain. The careful selection of this groupset demonstrates a synergy between rider intention and mechanical response, adding to the overall riding experience.

  • Frame: At the heart of this bike's design lies the Apollo full alloy frame, meticulously crafted to shed unnecessary weight while maintaining structural integrity. The use of alloy also provides the necessary stiffness for efficient power transfer when pedaling hard.
  • Suspension: With front suspension to absorb shocks, the Apollo Incessant ensures that your ride remains uninterrupted by the harsh realities of rocky paths. The forks offer 80mm of travel, allowing for a smoother ride over bumps and drops.
  • Braking System: Precision is paramount when reacting to the unpredictable elements of the trail. The Apollo Incessant's mechanical disc brakes, with 180mm rotors, provide consistently reliable stopping power, regardless of weather conditions or the terrain's demands.
  • Gearing: The Shimano Tourney Trigger Shift gears are easy to use and offer a wide range of speeds, ensuring that no climb is too steep and no descent is out of control. The gear shifters' placement is optimally designed for quick and effortless changes on the move.

Riding With the Apollo Incessant

When you sit on the Apollo Incessant, you can expect a versatile bike capable of adapting to various riding scenarios. From casual trails to more hardcore hacking, the bike's responsive handling and supportive components work in unison to bring you a consistent ride.

The joy of mountain biking is deeply rooted in the connection between the rider and the natural world, and the Apollo Incessant fosters this bond with its ability to navigate different landscapes. Be it a serene journey through forest trails or a challenging climb on rocky ascents, this bike promises an experience that combines thrill with stability.

In wet conditions, the mechanical disc brakes exhibit their true value, offering riders the confidence to rail into berms and tackle slippery downhill sections without fear. The Shimano gear system allows for swift transitions, ensuring that riders can focus on their journey, not their equipment.


The Apollo Incessant is not just a mode of transport; it's an extension of the rider's will to explore and conquer the great outdoors, it is clear this bike is crafted to enthuse and endure. Riders have praised the smoothness of the gear transitions and the steadfast performance of the brakes. Whether sending it down rocky descents or climbing with determination, the Incessant remains a much loved companion on the trails. This bike is recommended for anyone seeking to answer the call of the wilderness with confidence and style.