Voodoo Horde

Voodoo Horde

Key Features of Voodoo Horde Mountain Bike:

  • Shimano Deore 1x10 drivetrain for smooth shifting
  • Reliable Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes for strong stopping power
  • 29" Maxxis Ardent tyres with a knobbly profile for grip and speed
  • Suntour Air fork with boost Thru-Axle, enhancing ride quality
  • Updated geometry with a dropped chainstay modern cockpit for comfort and control

Our Verdict: The Voodoo Horde stands as a trail-ready hardtail offering unparalleled synergy between control, comfort, and performance on the trail.

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Conceived with the spirit of the wild and the thrill of the tracks, the Voodoo Horde Mens Mountain Bike empowers riders to take on the rugged outdoors with confidence. Meticulously engineered for the adventurers who demand more from their ride, the Voodoo Horde has carved a unique position in the market. Bridging optimal performance and affordability, this hardtail is a beacon for those seeking to transition from casual byways to hardcore singletrack endeavours. Its frame sizes cater to a broad spectrum of enthusiasts, from the energetic first-timer to the relentless trail conquerors.

The Engineering Behind The Voodoo Horde

The foundation of the Voodoo Horde lies in its innovative frame design. It introduces dropped chainstays and a cockpit tailored for agility. The frame material isn't merely a choice; it's an homage to robustness with the lightness needed for spirited riding. The geometry finds a sweet spot between comfort and the profound ability to maneuver across challenging inclines and exhilarating descents.

At its heart is the Shimano Deore 1x10 drivetrain, a monument to seamless shifting. The 11-46T cassette broadens horizons, delivering the versatility required for abrupt climbs and rapid descents. It’s a union of power and grace that speaks to the seasoned rider's rhythm.

Brakes are not just components; they are lifelines. The Voodoo Horde wields Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes, with rotors sized to match the intensity of the terrain. These brakes promise staunch dependability even when mother nature turns the dial up on weather conditions, ensuring your adventure stays on track.

Fork in Focus: Comfort Meets Control

No trail is too gnarly for the Suntour Air fork which graces the Horde. The 120mm travel bufferens the ride, transforming rock gardens into playgrounds. The boost Thru-Axle enhances the fork's performance, creating a sturdier front end to meet the challenges of trail riding.

The tuning of the air fork is rider-centric, adjustable to weight and riding stylistics. This customization is key, as one with the bike is when the Voodoo Horde truly comes to life.

Component Symphony

Choice components from respected brands complete the Horde. The WTB Volt saddle ensures comfort doesn’t take a backseat, while the lock-on grips keep you in charge no matter the terrain.

Maxxis Ardent tyres grip the earth with conviction. The 29x2.25" dimension maintains an optimal contact patch, with a tread design that balances traction and rolling resistance—a necessary duality for the rider looking to rail berms and charge through the trail.

Rider Experience Across Terrains

The true measure of any mountain bike is its versatility. The Voodoo Horde implores the rider to explore, from the local woodland paths to the high mountain passes. It’s a steed that's as capable in drizzle-soaked soil as it is on parched summer trails.

Riders will attest to the responsive geometry, finding confidence on loose descents and maintaining momentum when climbing. The combination of the larger wheel size and intentional tread pattern equips you to maintain speed and stability on fast singletrack and harsh rocky terrains alike.

Wind, rain, or shine, the Horde steadfastly delivers – a testament to Voodoo's understanding of the demands of the UK trails. It is the companion that encourages pushing limits, adaptable to your courage's reach. It thrives where you decide to shred.


In the midst of a market dense with contenders, the Voodoo Horde stands tall. It’s a bike reviewed positively across the board, with testimonials speaking to its smooth handling, dynamic ride and infallible reliability. "It's a game-changer on the trails," says an avid rider, "each ride is just another chance to explore what it can really do."

Another owner echoes, "The Horde has taken me from being curious about mountain biking to being completely passionate about it. The ease and comfort it provides even on the most challenging terrain are unmatched. Truly a masterpiece by Voodoo."

The Horde embodies the excitement of mountain biking, wrapping technical prowess in a package attainable for a spectrum of riders. For those seeking a gateway into a more extreme side of cycling or experienced riders needing a robust and dependable machine, the Horde delivers without hesitation.