In 2014, Cyclo-biblio helped participants discover the landscapes, the libraries and the public of the South of France, between Montpellier and Lyon, from August 6th to 14th. Attendees were also able to participate to the IFLA Camp and/or to the IFLA congress if they so chose.

The program of the visits was the following

Wednesday August 6: Montpellier (10 km)

9:30 am: Pick up of the ex hire bikes, or bring your own.
10:15 am: Meeting at the Cité Universitaire de la Colombière, Montpellier
Reception and welcome
16h: Visit of the Central Media Library of Agglomeration Emile Zola

Thursday 7: Montpellier – Saint-Jean-de-Védas – Montpellier (55km)

8:25 am: Departure from the university residence La Colombière
8:25 am: Visit of the Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul cathedral of Maguelone
3:30 pm: Visit of the Jules Verne media library in Saint-Jean-de-Védas
16:30: Visit of the pierresvives media library

Friday 8: Montpellier – Nîmes (70 km)

8:15 am: Departure from the university residence
10:45 am: Visit of the Médard museum, Lunel
1:30 pm: Visit of the media library of Sommières
18h15: Visit of the Carré d’Art, Nîmes

Saturday 9: Nîmes – Avignon (58 km)

8h30: Departure from the boarding school
12h: Visit of the Château de Bosc and its bicycle museum
Visit of the Palace of the Popes

Sunday 10 : Avignon-Montélimar (90 km)

8h30: Departure from the hotel
Arrival in Montélimar

Monday 11 : Montélimar – Valence (55 km)

8:45 am: Departure from the hotel
9am: Visit of the Intercommunity Media Library of Montélimar
18h: Visit of the media library La passerelle in Bourg-les-Valence

Tuesday 12 : Valence – Vienne (83 km)

8am: Departure from the boarding school
10:30 am: Visit of the departmental media library of the Drôme des Collines, Saint-Vallier
18h: Visit of the media library le Trente, Vienne

Wednesday 13: Vienne- Lyon (40 km)

9:15 am: Departure from the hotel
12h: Visit of the Mémo, the media library of Oullins
Bike tour through Lyon
15h45: Official arrival at the library of the 5th district of Lyon, at the Palais Saint-Jean + visit of the library
17h45: Visit of the university library Lyon 1, site of La Doua

Thursday 14 : Lyon

10:30 am: Visit of the Part-Dieu library (3rd district of Lyon)
1pm: Visit of the library of the enssib (national school of information sciences and libraries)
17h: Visit of the documentation center of Pignon sur Rue, specialized in the bicycle and the non-motorized transport modes

The route was from Montpellier to Lyon, France. The planned dates were August 6-14th just before the IFLA WLIC conference which takes place 16-22nd August 2014.

Wednesday 6th August: Montpellier (≈ 10 km / 6.2 miles)
Thursday 7th: Montpellier – Frontignan – Montpellier (≈ 65 km / 40.3 miles)
Friday 8th: Montpellier – Nîmes (≈ 65 km / 40.3 miles)
Saturday 9th: Nîmes – Avignon (≈ 45 km / 27.9 miles)
Sunday 10th: Avignon – Montélimar (≈ 90 km / 55.8 miles)
Monday 11th: Montélimar – Valence (≈ 55 km / 34.1 miles)
Tuesday 12th: Valence – Vienne (≈ 85 km / 52.7 miles)
Wednesday 13th: Vienne – Lyon (≈ 50 km / 31 miles)
Thursday 14th: Lyon (≈ 10 km / 6.2 miles)

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