From June 2 to June 7, 2018, around fifty librarians from various backgrounds including public libraries, university libraries, etc. travelled through the Val de Loire Centre and Poitou Aquitaine regions by bicycle, covering a total of about 300 KMs, meeting library users, elected officials, journalists, and other colleagues from the libraries visited along the way. This advocacy aimed to reaffirm the role of our institutions in the socio-cultural landscape of our territories, through connectedness and sharing.

Tour Program


8:30 to 10:00 Welcome coffee and bike rental 10:00 General welcome for Cyclo-biblio by the cyclo-librarians in front of the Saint Serge University Library 11:15 – 13:00 Cyclo-librarians split into 6 groups of 10 for an activity/visit

13:00-14:30 Lunch on the grass in front of Saint Serge University Library

14:30-18:00 6 parallel routes

SUNDAY, JUNE 3 “World Bicycle Day” (UN)

8:00: Departure for Angers-Mazé route

Morning: Visit of the Mazé media library and participant workshops

Afternoon: Mazé-Saumur route

Visit of the Saumur media library

Free dinner in Saumur, overnight at Brit Hotel (Distré)


8:00 Distré – Montreuil Bellay route

Morning: Break at Montreuil Bellay and visit to the media library; Montreuil Bellay – Thouars route

Picnic at Thouars

Afternoon: Thouars – Airvault route; Visit of the media library in Airvault; Airvault-Parthenay route

Evening in Parthenay, visit of the old town and overnight at Hotel St Jacques


08:00 Parthenay – Pompaire route

Morning: Visit of the Pompaire library; Pompaire – Champdeniers St Denis route

Picnic at Champdeniers St Denis

Afternoon: Champdeniers St Denis – Niort route

Visit of the Two Sèvres Niort media library (BDP) + workshops

Niort-Coulon route

Evening camping in Coulon

Special General Meeting of the Cyclo-biblio association (for members)


8:30 Coulon – La Rochelle route

Visit of the Coulon media library + workshops Noon: Picnic in the Marsh + workshop Late afternoon: Arrival in La Rochelle for a visit to the University Library + workshops Evening at the youth hostel


8:15 Arrival at Place de l’Encan for the ABF congress

Morning: Visit of the Michel-Crépeau media library or/and bike tour of the La Rochelle media library network Arrival at the Concurrence beach