In August 2012 Cycling for libraries travelled from Vilnius to Tallinn. They spent a couple of days in cities, and cycled a total of 600km.

The Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia boast a vibrant and intriguing library world, offering ample opportunities for exploration, learning, and discussion. These countries are also renowned as some of Europe’s top bicycling destinations, making them an ideal setting for an innovative, informal unconference designed for library professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Participants embarked on an incredible journey from Vilnius to Tallinn, passing through Riga and Tartu along the way. Covering approximately 600 kilometers, this event was the longest professional library event in the world. Throughout the adventure, attendees engaged in various activities, such as workshops, discussions, excursions, and networking opportunities with fellow library professionals.

This unique combination of cycling and professional development provided participants with a dynamic and immersive experience, emphasizing the forward-thinking and collaborative spirit of the library community across the Baltic States.

It was certainly an adventure to remember!

  • 28.7. Vilnius
  • 29.7. Vilnius → Trakai, bus-transport to Riga
  • 30.7. Riga
  • 31.7. Riga → Sigulda
  • 1.8. Sigulda → Valmiera
  • 2.8. Valmiera → Valka/Valga
  • 3.8. Valka/Valga → Otepää
  • 4.8. Otepää → Tartu
  • 5.8. Tartu, bus-transport to Rakvere
  • 6.8. Rakvere → Loksa (in Lahemaa National Park)
  • 7.8. Loksa →Tallinn
  • 8.8. participation in Summer with book -event

Blue lines are bicycling, green lines are bus transports.

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