Cycling for libraries is an event for library professionals and people related to the profession; students, teachers, professors, library assistants and directors, software vendors, family, politicians all are welcome. They believe in getting out of our everyday typical environments at our libraries, offices and auditoriums and going outdoors, out to the world.

This innovative concept has been tested, and it is proven to work; a long bicycling journey is a fantastic structure for a professional event.

They will organize food, accommodation, luggage transport and all programme, and everything will be included in the registration fee. You only need to arrange yourself, your bicycle and luggage to Vilnius, and then continue from Tallinn.

Cycling for libraries is in the english language, and all the programme will be open and free to everyone.

This is not a competitive sports event. The daily distances are not too long for anyone who is reasonably healthy and has a reasonable bicycle. The whole group will ride together, and we guarantee nobody will be left behind.

Registration for will open on 1st of April 2012. Meanwhile you can join the Facebook -event or chat on Twitter with hashtag #cyc4lib.

To see what it is like, see the videos from their Cycling for libraries Copenhagen-Berlin in May-June 2011. They made 3 minute videos of all 9 days from Copenhagen to Berlin, and also 30 minute documentary movie.

Other events

We recommend that you join an another unconference, the IFLAcamp in Hテ、meenlinna, Finland on 9-10.8.2012. It is organized by their very good friends, the IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group (IFLA NPSIG). See the IFLAcamp website for more information.

They also recommend that you will attend the 78th IFLA World Library and Information Congress (WLIC) 2012 in Helsinki (aka IFLA 2012), which is the unofficial satellite-post-conference and afterparty of Cycling for libraries :^)

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