After Montpellier-Lyon, Basel-Strasbourg, and Toulouse-Bordeaux, the 4ᵉ edition of Cyclo-biblio will take you on a tour of Lake Geneva to discover some fifteen Swiss and French libraries from Sunday, June 18 to Saturday, June 24, 2017.


Starting in Geneva, we will reach Nyon, Morges, Lausanne, Vevey, Saint-Maurice, then Evian and Thonon-les-Bains, and we will close the loop six days later in Geneva.

Sunday June 18: Geneva
Monday June 19: Geneva – Nyon (≈ 45 km)
Tuesday, June 20: Nyon – Lausanne (≈ 50 km)
Wednesday, June 21: Lausanne (≈ 10 km)
Thursday, June 22: Lausanne – Saint-Maurice (≈ 70 km)
Friday June 23: Saint-Maurice – Thonon (≈ 65 km)
Saturday, June 24: Thonon – Geneva (≈ 45 km)
These libraries have already responded positively :

Bodmer Foundation Library (Geneva)
The Haute Ecole de gestion de Genève and its infotheque
Library of the United Nations Office in Geneva
Library of Nyon – Adults
Morges Municipal Library
Libraries of the City of Lausanne
Library of the EPFL (Lausanne)
Cantonal and University Library – Lausanne (Unithèque site)
Bibliomedia Switzerland (Lausanne)
Vevey Municipal Library
Library of the Abbey of Saint-Maurice
Valais Media Library – St-Maurice
Municipal media library (Thonon-les-Bains)
Bibliothèque de la Cité, municipal library of the city of Geneva
How to register

Cyclo-biblio “Le Léman” is full (70 people) as well as the waiting list (21 people)! Thank you all for your confidence!

We are delighted with the growing success of Cyclo-biblio! The places are becoming more and more popular, but this does not call into question the principle of conviviality desired for this event, nor the registration fee, which is deliberately low to allow everyone to participate. Cyclo-biblio is not an organized trip, you are all actors (and all actresses) of its success!

You still have doubts? Check out all the good reasons to participate.

For those who are convinced, here are the registration details for this tour:

As a reminder, the Cyclo-biblio program starts on Sunday, June 18 at noon (bike rental) or 2pm (if you have your own bike), and ends on Saturday, June 24 around 6:30pm, after the aperitif dinner in the last library. Geneva will be hosting its own music festival weekend, so fans are invited to make arrangements to take advantage of it.
The registration fee includes 6 nights, and all meals from Sunday evening, June 18th to Saturday, June 24th around 6:30pm (aperitif dinner). It includes luggage transportation, safety vest and communication tools.
This registration is only for those who wish to register for the entire tour. Participation in one or two days will be considered at a later date, if it is deemed possible for logistical reasons.
Cyclo-biblio will welcome 70 people in its ranks this year. Afterwards, registrants are placed on a waiting list. About 15 places will be reserved for 3 weeks for Swiss colleagues. Confirmation of registration will take place at the end of January at the earliest, and registration will be validated upon receipt of payment (or deposit) before March 15.
Considering the payment of a deposit for accommodation in January, any cancellation will imply a partial refund of the registration fee.
Participation in Cyclo-biblio as a continuing education program is encouraged. Download the argument to talk to your manager or to encourage a member of your team to participate!
Those who wish to have their registration financed by their community will have to pay a deposit of 150 € / CHF, which will be reimbursed upon receipt of the official order form from their community.

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