Apollo Interzone

Apollo Interzone

Key Features of the Apollo Interzone:

  • Suitable for children aged 9-12 years or 136 - 154cm in height.
  • Robust steel frame and front suspension for rough terrains.
  • 18 speed Shimano gearing for a variety of riding styles.
  • V-Brakes for superior stopping power in wet conditions.
  • 26-inch wheel size matches adult mountain bike standards.

Our Verdict: The Apollo Interzone is an excellent transition bike for young riders ready for bigger challenges and more versatile terrain. With reliable Shimano gearing and robust construction, it’s a solid choice for adventurous kids.

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The Apollo Interzone Mountain Bike, with its sturdy 26" wheels, is designed to fill the exciting niche between children's playthings and the adult biking world. This bike, ideal for 9 to 12-year-olds, bridges the gap with style and robust functionality. It is perfect for young riders taking their first daring forays into more challenging terrain. Embracing value for money and quality, Apollo has tailored the Interzone for the adventurous youth ready to explore off-road paths and the thrills of junior mountain biking.

Built to Last

The Apollo Interzone Junior Mountain Bike is made for young riders wanting the exhilaration of mountain biking. The bike's design is centred around a robust Steel frame, ensuring durability and a level of sturdiness that can withstand the rough and tumble of off-road adventures. Apollo's choice of steel as the primary material provides a good balance between strength and weight, contributing to the overall 15kg of the ride – ideal for younger cyclists with less strength.

Tech-Savvy Gear System: The gears are pivotal to the Apollo Interzone's experience. It offers 18 speeds, powered by the seamless Shimano shifters. This diverse range allows for smooth transitions between gears when faced with various gradients and conditions, a crucial feature for junior riders still mastering the art of gear selection. The Shimano Tourney rear mech further complements the bike’s easy handling.

Climbing, Shredding, and Riding

Riding the Apollo Interzone Junior Mountain Bike is a balancing act of control and daring adventure. The front suspension absorbs the bumps and knocks of uneven trails, giving you increased control and comfort. Combine this with air-filled rubber tyres that offer the necessary grip for firm traction on loose surfaces, and you have a mountain bike that invites young riders to send it down singletrack trails with confidence.

The all-weather stopping power is provided by V-Brakes, which excel in wet and muddy conditions. The front of the bike is equipped with a disc brake for consistent performance, allowing the rider to focus purely on the experience, be it climbing up hills or hammering down them. The overall build of the Apollo Interzone reassures both the child riding it and the parents watching.

The Ride Across Terrains: The junior mountain biker will find the Apollo Interzone adaptable to a range of settings. Its MTB tyres are designed to conquer both the local park's dirt paths and more challenging forest routes. The bike's versatility shines, allowing the rider to enjoy a weekend ride with the family or embark on solo quests on harder trails.


The Apollo Interzone Junior Mountain Bike garners praise for its blend of reliability and youth-friendly design, with riders and parents alike appreciating the safety features and the gentle introduction it provides to more adventurous biking. A summarizing recommendation for the Apollo Interzone would emphasize its role as an ideal stepping stone for young riders growing into the sport. It's a bike that encourages pushing limits while ensuring safety and manageable handling – a reliable companion for the budding off-road cyclist.

Testimonials highlight the ease of assembly, quality components, and slick shifting as standout benefits. Parents note the value for money and the growth potential the bike affords, allowing their children to 'hack' through trails with striking confidence and progress in their skills. The Apollo Interzone comes highly recommended for any young adventurer eager to start their journey through the world of mountain biking.