Apollo Boogie Bike

Apollo Boogie Bike

  • Age Range: Ideal for children aged 5-9 years
  • Weight: Lightweight at approximately 12kg
  • Brakes: Reliable front and rear V-brakes
  • Tyres: Durable air-filled rubber tires
  • Design: Stylish BMX-style frame with rear stunt pegs

Our Verdict: The Apollo Boogie Kids Bike is a standout choice for young riders eager to explore BMX riding, combining durability, safety, and style.

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The Apollo Boogie Kids Bike 2022 - 18" Wheel is a charming confluence of vibrant youthful design and reliable functionality, setting itself up as the ideal partner for kids aged between 5 and 9 years old, embarking on their cycling journey. A sturdy BMX-style frame paired with robust steel forks, this bike is tailored for children with a height range of 112 - 126cm. The bike delivers consistent performance whether navigating playgrounds or cruising on sidewalks, ensuring that these young adventurers can safely explore their world on two wheels.

Apollo Boogie Kids Bike: Nailing the Basics

Every aspect of the Apollo Boogie Kids Bike 2022 centres around ease of use and durability. Built on a robust steel frame, it offers the perfect blend of strength and nimbleness needed for kids to control their ride easily. This bike is built to handle the rough and tumble of childhood cycling adventures, offering parents peace of mind about their child's safety.

With air-filled rubber tyres, young riders can expect a smooth roll and good traction across pavements and park paths. Paired with reliable front and rear V-brakes, the Apollo Boogie provides confident stopping power, helping kids learn the essential skill of braking effectively.

One of the standout features is the inclusion of rear stunt pegs, hinting at the bike's BMX heritage and inviting kids to explore basic tricks and stunts safely.

No gears are present on this model, simplifying the ride experience and allowing the young riders to focus purely on developing their balance and riding confidence.

BMX-Style and Riding Experiences

Incorporating a fun BMX-style design without the complexity of professional BMX bikes, the Apollo Boogie offers a seamless transition into the world of cycling for kids—preparing them for future experiences on more specialized bikes.

The bike's design encourages a more upright riding position, giving children a comfortable posture to observe their surroundings. As they tackle different paths, the lack of suspension simplifies the riding experience, teaching children how to navigate basic off-road features such as grassy flats and dirt paths with ease.

Riding through changing weather conditions, the durability of the Apollo Boogie comes to the fore. Whether it's dry afternoons or wet mornings, the bike remains reliable, ensuring year-round cycling fun.

Understanding the Apollo Boogie's Technical Specifications

It's essential to dive deeper into the bike's anatomy to fully appreciate what it offers. The Apollo Boogie Kids Bike comes equipped with:

  • Frame: A robust steel frame that provides the necessary strength to withstand the vigour of adventurous young riders.
  • Approximate Weight: Weighing in at 12kg, it strikes a balance between heftiness for stability and lightness for manoeuvrability.
  • Brake Type: Incorporating front and rear V-brakes, it delivers reliable and consistent stopping capabilities that are crucial for kids learning to ride.
  • Tyres: The air-filled rubber tyres ensure comfort and grip, giving the riders confidence on various surfaces.
  • Wheel Size: With 18" wheels, the bike is proportionately sized to accommodate kids' growing needs without overpowering their ability to control the ride.

In essence, the bike's technical specifications are carefully chosen to offer a balanced riding experience that's safe, enjoyable, and conducive to skill development.


The Apollo Boogie Kids Bike 2022 - 18" Wheel is a delightful entry into the world of cycling for young enthusiasts. The sturdy frame, reliable brakes, and fun design provide the perfect mix for kids to develop their skills and enjoy every pedal stroke. Though reviews from riders and parents are not available for inclusion, the core features suggest that this bike would receive positive testimonials for its practicality and child-friendly design.

In summary, if you're seeking a robust, attention-grabbing and reliable bike for a child eager to enjoy cycling, the Apollo Boogie Kids Bike is a commendable choice that promises many happy hours of riding.