Apollo Firecracker

Apollo Firecracker

Apollo Firecracker Kids Bike - Key Features:

  • Designed for 5-9 years with 112 - 126cm height range
  • Lightweight design, approximately weight only 10kg
  • Robust steel frame for durability
  • Air filled rubber tyres with mountain bike tread
  • Includes fun lights and sounds speedometer

Our Verdict: The Apollo Firecracker is an exciting and durable bike ideally suited for active kids, blending fun features with reliable build quality.

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The Apollo Firecracker Kids Bike is a blazing example of fun and functionality fused into one vibrant package, perfect for young adventurers aged 5 to 9 years old. Designed to ignite a passion for cycling, this bike balances a robust build with exciting features that promise to keep the thrills coming for your little rider. Taking its rightful place in the market, the Apollo Firecracker is not only about the aesthetics but also about encouraging active outdoor play and introducing youngsters to the joys of riding.

Unpacking the Apollo Firecracker's Fiery Features

Exploring the Apollo Firecracker is akin to unboxing a treasure trove of kid-focused ingenuity and engineering. This kids' mountain bike-style frame is constructed from durable steel, ensuring it can withstand the rough and tumble of child's play. The frame is adorned with eye-catching flame graphics that extend to the saddle and chainguard, ensuring that your child stands out on the trails or the park.

  • Vibrant Design: The bike's striking blue palette coupled with fiery decals is designed to captivate and inspire young riders, providing an aesthetic that matches their energy and enthusiasm.
  • Light and Sound Speedometer: A standout feature is the integrated speedometer that not only tracks speed and distance but also lights up and emits engine sounds at the press of a button, fostering a fun learning environment.
  • Robust Wheels: With 16" air-filled rubber tyres, the bike offers a smooth ride with plenty of grips, making it suitable for various surfaces that a child might explore.
  • Secure Stopping Power: The bike is equipped with powerful V-brakes, offering reliable stopping potential that gives both child and parent confidence.

Each of these components has been thoughtfully chosen to deliver a blend of safety, durability, and fun, which are all paramount in a child's first bike.

Riding Through Adventure

Whether it's a weekend jaunt through the neighbourhood or an after-school ride in the local park, the Apollo Firecracker promises an experience that's as smooth as it is entertaining. From tarmac to grass, it handles various terrain with ease, allowing for a versatile ride irrespective of the conditions. Thanks to its rugged frame and steadfast tyres, the Firecracker can comfortably support budding cyclists as they build their skills and confidence on two wheels.

In wetter weather, the bike's V-brakes show their merit by offering consistent performance, making sure that the fun doesn't stop when the heavens open. The lack of suspension is a nod to the bike's focussed design on younger riders who are unlikely to be shredding the gnarliest of trails, but it's more than capable of handling the bumps and lumps of light off-road riding.

Technical Specifications: Crafting the Apollo Firecracker

Every aspect of the Apollo Firecracker has been designed with the young rider in mind, from the ground up:

  • Frame: Robust Steel ensures durability.
  • Brake Type: Powerful V-brakes for reliable stopping.
  • Tyres: Air Filled Rubber, providing comfort and traction.
  • Wheel Size: 16 inches, the optimal size for the suggested age range.
  • Rims: Aluminium, offering a balance of strength and lightness.
  • Tyre Size: 16" x 2.125", wide enough to handle a variety of surfaces.
  • Pedals: Included, designed for small feet with ample grip.
  • Stabilisers: No, to encourage balance development.
  • Approximate Weight: 10kg, making it manageable for young riders.
  • Suspension: Rigid, to keep the riding experience straightforward and maintenance on the low.
  • Fork Material: Robust Steel, in keeping with the sturdy frame.
  • Primary Colour: BLUE, vivid and appealing to children.

This spec sheet serves as a window into the thoughtful construction of the Apollo Firecracker, shining a light on the balance between playful allure and practical design.


Overall, this bike comes highly recommended for parents seeking a reliable and entertaining option for their young riders.