Apollo Glitz Bike

Apollo Glitz Bike

Key Features:

  • Stylish rose gold metallic frame
  • Front and rear V-brakes for reliable stopping
  • 18" air-filled rubber tyres
  • Age Guide: Suitable for children aged 5-9 years
  • Approximate Weight: 10.5kg

Our Verdict: The Apollo Glitz Kids Bike combines style with functionality, making it an ideal choice for young riders taking on new adventures.

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Perfectly poised to ignite a passion for cycling in the younger generation, the Apollo Glitz Kids Bike with its 18-inch wheels offers a blend of visual pizazz and functional prowess. Aimed towards children with a height range of 112 - 126cm, typically aged between 5 to 9 years, this bike sits as a shining gem in the market, inviting young riders to embark on their two-wheeled adventures. 

Design and Materials

The Apollo Glitz Kids Bike has been thoughtfully designed with reliable materials.

Its metallic rose gold frame, made of robust steel, doesn't just capture the eye with its shimmering presence; it offers a sturdy heart of the bike's structure.

Straddling the Glitz, young riders feel immediately at ease, thanks to the ergonomic design tailor-made for their comfort and safety. The frame geometry is crafted to ensure easy mounting and dismounting, instilling confidence even in novice cyclists. The glittering finish is a product of meticulously chosen, child-friendly paints and coatings, ensuring longevity and resistance to the wear and tear of child's play.

Ensuring a Safe Ride

Performance for the Apollo Glitz is delivered through a range of carefully selected components. The bike features front and rear V-brakes, which provide reliable stopping power. A necessity in the unpredictable world of a child's ride, these V-brakes are designed for ease of use, greatly reducing the learning curve for young riders learning the all important skill of stopping quickly.

  • Air Filled Rubber Tyres: The tyres offer a balance of grip and comfort, essential for those fledgling bike rides. The air-filled design also contributes to shock absorption, smoothing out the bumps along the way.
  • Rigid Forks: A maintenance-friendly choice, the lack of suspension is hard-wearing and provides a direct connection between the rider and the road, helping to foster an understanding of bike handling and road feel.
  • Aluminium Rims: The choice of aluminium for the rims reduces the overall weight of the bike, enhancing manoeuvrability and making it easier for children to handle the bike both while riding and when stationary.

Riding the Glitz

Taking the Glitz through its paces, young riders will find a bike that's up to the task across a variety of terrain. The stability of its frame and the grip from its tyres make it a trusty choice for park pathways, garden trails, and the occasional off-road foray into packed dirt or gravel. The predictable performance of the V-brakes allows for confident navigation and handling, no matter the weather or the whims of the journey.

While tackling flat stretches, young riders will appreciate the bike's single gear setup – a design choice that keeps the riding experience straightforward and focused on the pure joy of cycling. It's a bike that's built to accompany young riders as they learn, grow, and ultimately graduate to more complex bicycles tailored for specific cycling disciplines.


The Apollo Glitz Kids Bike - 18" Wheel has been met with positive approval from riders and parents alike. Its unique style, dependable build, and safety features stand out, providing a bicycle that not only looks fantastic but performs admirably in a variety of conditions. The Glitz is frequently praised for its ease of use and durability, making it a recommended choice for any parent seeking a reliable first bike for their child.