Apollo Outrage Bike

Apollo Outrage Bike

Key Features of the Apollo Outrage Kids Bike:

  • 18" wheel size, suited for kids aged 5-9 years
  • Strong steel mountain bike style frame
  • Front and rear V-Brakes for reliable stopping power
  • Air-filled rubber tyres ideal for various terrains
  • Partial chain guard for enhanced safety

Our Verdict: The Apollo Outrage is an excellent first mountain bike, combining durability, safety, and a design that kids will love.

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Unleashing the potential for outdoor adventure, the Apollo Outrage Kids Bike with its 18-inch wheel is the introduction to countless hours of fun and exploration. Charming in its design and well crafted to ignite the enthusiasm of young riders, this bike is aimed at children aged between 5 to 9 years. With the perfect blend of a vibrant, energetic spirit and dependable design, the Apollo Outrage holds a unique place in the market as an accessible, quality bike that introduces young riders to the thrills of cycling.

Exhilarating Design and Sturdy Materials

At the heart of the Apollo Outrage Kids Bike's design is a robust steel frame, crafted to withstand the rough and tumble of youthful exuberance. Its mountain bike style frame not only gives a sense of grown-up aesthetics but also provides essential durability for off-road escapades. The vivid, eye-catching primary red color of the bike ensures it stands out both on the trails and park pathways and the strong aluminium rims paired with air-filled rubber tyres deliver a combination of resilience and comfort, ready to traverse a variety of surfaces with ease.

Innovative Components and Technology

Safeguarding young riders is a top priority, and the Apollo Outrage offers V-Brakes at both the front and rear to provide reliable and consistent stopping power. Young adventurers can navigate the rigours of paths less travelled with confidence, knowing their bike is equipped to handle unexpected situations.

Additional features include a partial chain guard, which serves to protect the chainrings and prevent clothing from getting caught, while also ensuring that maintenance is kept to a minimum. It’s these thoughtful additions that showcase the bike's design philosophy: offering an advanced cycling experience for kids akin to that of adults.

Rider Experience and Versatility

The Apollo Outrage is engineered for enjoyment across multiple settings. Whether it's tackling the gnarly twists and turns of a local singletrack or gliding through the park, this bike is adept at giving younger riders the confidence to send it with gusto. On a sunny day, the robust frame and resilient tyres will allow them to rail around berms like miniature professionals. Equally, when the clouds gather and paths become slippery, the sturdy V-Brakes will help them through the mud, always with safety in mind.

The bike's rigid fork offers a direct transfer of energy, making it ideal for those learning the art of climbing on two wheels. Rain or shine, the Apollo Outrage is ready to accompany the rider on their journey from fledgling pedal pusher to trail shredding enthusiast.

Technical Specification

  • Child Height: 112 - 126cm
  • Approximate Weight (KG): 12kg
  • Brake Type: Front and rear V-Brakes for sure stopping
  • Tyres: Air Filled Rubber for smooth rides on various surfaces
  • Frame: Strong steel mountain bike style for durability
  • Fork Material: Robust Steel to handle rugged use
  • Rims: Aluminium to reduce weight without compromising strength
  • Tyre Size: 18" x 1.90" suited for young riders
  • Pedals Included: Yes, for a complete ready-to-ride setup
  • Stabilisers: No, to encourage skill development


The Apollo Outrage Kids Bike has garnered high praise from both young riders and their parents. Thanks to its integration of adult bike features into a child-friendly package, it is recommended as an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable first step into the world of cycling. With consistently positive testimonials regarding its sturdiness, ease of use, and the confidence it instils in new riders, this bike is not only a joy to ride but also a tool in developing a lifelong passion for cycling.