Apollo Twinkles Bike

Apollo Twinkles Bike

Key Features of the Apollo Twinkles Unicorn Kids Bike - 14" Wheel:

  • Robust steel frame for durability
  • Front and rear calliper brakes for reliable stopping
  • Air-filled rubber tyres for a comfortable ride
  • Removable stabilisers for learning support
  • Adorable design with plush unicorn and accessories

Our Verdict: The Apollo Twinkles Unicorn Kids Bike is a charming and sturdy choice for young riders, featuring essential safety elements and whimsical design touches that will delight any child.

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Welcome to a whimsical world on wheels! The Apollo Twinkles Unicorn Kids Bike is a charming cycle designed for kids aged between 4 to 7, ready to embark on their cycling journey. With its enchanting unicorn theme and sturdy 14-inch wheels, this bike blends the line between a playful toy and a functional first bike. The Apollo Twinkles fits snugly in the market for young riders who crave a mix of style and substance - poised to make those first rides magical and memorable.

The Magical Design of Apollo Twinkles

The bike exudes magic, with each component echoing the fantastical creature it's named after. The steel frame provides a hardy structure, ensuring durability as kids learn to ride and inevitably tumble. Moreover, the decorative elements - from the plush unicorn head to the sparkling basket - ignite imaginations and bring twinkling joy to every pedal.

Every detail on the Apollo Twinkles is selected with the young rider in mind. It features air-filled rubber tyres that provide a cushioned ride, perfect for the bumpy beginnings. The calliper brakes are easy for small hands to operate, and the bike comes with a full chainguard to keep little fingers from harm. Mudguards protect from splashes, ensuring the ride (and rider!) stay pristine.

  • Robust Frame: The steel composition ensures the bike can withstand the rough and tumble of active kids.
  • Caliper Brakes: These brakes afford a reliable stopping mechanism, teaching kids essential safety from the start.
  • Rubber Tyres: These provide necessary grip and comfort, instilling confidence in young riders across various surfaces.

Rider Experience on the Apollo Twinkles

Young cyclists can anticipate an enchanting ride with the Apollo Twinkles. Designed for solid ground and gentle inclines, it ushers riders into the world of cycling. While it's not built for hardcore trails or long distance, it's perfect for garden adventures and park pathways. Kids will enjoy a stable and engaging ride, with the removable stabilisers allowing for progression and growth in skills.

Technical Specifications

The Twinkles comes with precise dimensions and specifications:

  • Child Height: Suitable for children between 105 - 116cm in height
  • Approximate Weight: 8kg, making it manageable for small riders
  • Brake Type: Front and rear calliper brakes ensure quick and safe stopping
  • Tyres: Air-filled rubber tyres give a comfortable ride
  • Frame: The robust steel frame ensures longevity
  • Stabilisers: Removable, allowing for skill progression


The Apollo Twinkles Unicorn Kids Bike is not just a bike; it's a young rider's companion for countless adventures and stories. With numerous positive testimonials from parents, it's a recommendation we joyously extend. As the testimonials highlight, the Twinkles not only provides a secure ride but also acts as a catalyst for childhood joy and the development of essential motor skills.