Apollo Firechief Bike

Apollo Firechief Bike

Key Features of the Apollo Firechief Kids Bike:

  • Suitable for ages 3-6 years
  • Includes stabilisers for learning
  • Equipped with a siren and rear tool box
  • Comes with a full chainguard for safety
  • Designed with mudguards to protect from splashes

Our Verdict: The Apollo Firechief is a thrilling and secure starter bike to ignite any child's passion for cycling.

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The Apollo Firechief Kids Bike, with its 12" wheels is the perfect choice for igniting your child's passion for cycling. Designed to excite and enthrall, this bike fits youngsters from 3 to 6 years old, slotting into a crucial time in a child's development. Built not just for learning but also for adventure, the Apollo Firechief sets itself apart with its fun firefighter-inspired theme that promises to capture the imagination of any budding hero.

A Closer Look at the Apollo Firechief

The Apollo Firechief isn't an average children's bike; it's an experience. For many kids, this may be their first introduction to the world of cycling, and Apollo understands the importance of making it memorable. This is reflected in every detail of the Firechief's design, imbued with care and consideration for young riders.

Design and Materials: Safety Meets Style

The first thing you'll notice is the vibrant color and firefighter décor. The fully enclosed chain guard is emblazoned with the Firechief motif—an assurance for parents that their child is protected from the bike's moving parts. The guard's solid construction is indicative of the bike's overall build: resilient steel forms the backbone of the Firechief, giving it the sturdiness needed to handle the bumps and knocks of child's play while ensuring longevity.

With safety at the forefront, the Firechief comes with front and rear calliper brakes. The braking system is designed for smaller hands, requiring less force to engage, which is ideal for young riders who are still building their strength and coordination.

Technological Touches for Enhanced Riding

It's not all flashy design with the Apollo Firechief - there is real substance behind those looks. The bike features air-filled rubber tires that provide a comfortable ride and proper traction on various surfaces. Whether your child is cruising along a pavement or venturing across a park, the tires are up to the task.

At 8kg, the weight of the bike is carefully balanced to provide stability without being overly burdensome. Young riders will find the Firechief manageable, helping to nurture independence and build confidence.

  • Stabilisers: Detachable stabilisers come as standard, aiding in balance during the early stages of riding and can be removed once the child gains confidence.
  • Rear Toolbox and Siren: True to its theme, the bike boasts a rear toolbox for little firefighters to store their essentials, alongside a siren situated on the handlebar for realistic play.

Ride Experience: Adapting to a Young Cyclist's Needs

When it comes to the ride itself, the Apollo Firechief handles like a dream. The rigid forks ensure a reliable experience, especially for young riders who are less likely to tackle hardcore off-road trails but may still fancy a run on grass or gravel. The geometry of the bike is carefully calibrated for little bodies—ensuring that every touchpoint, from the handlebars to the pedals, is within easy reach and ergonomically positioned.

This thoughtfulness extends to the accessories available for the Firechief. Parents can further enhance their child's safety and coordination by opting for a matching Apollo Firechief Kids Bike Helmet. There's also a coordinating bell that encourages awareness and the practice of signaling presence—key skills for safe cycling.

The Technical Side: Specification Breakdown

  • Frame: A robust steel construction provides a firm foundation for the bike's structure.
  • Brakes: Calliper brakes on both the front and rear offer reliable stopping power and are easy for small hands to use.
  • Fork: The bike's steel forks are robust, perfectly complementing the frame's strength.
  • Wheels: The 12"x2.125" wheels are the perfect size for this age group, providing stability and ease of handling.
  • Tyres: Air-filled rubber tyres offer grip and comfort, making them suitable for multiple riding surfaces.


Parents and children alike are heaping praise on the Apollo Firechief for its balance of safety, durability, and sheer fun. The bike not only offers a stable platform for learning the basics of cycling but also serves as a catalyst for play and imagination, with many children delighted by the addition of the siren and tool box as they pretend to be firefighting heroes. Riders find the bike to be agile and responsive, which helps build confidence and skill on two wheels. The affordability and aftercare services available through Halfords make the Apollo Firechief a wise investment into a child's physical and imaginative development.