Apollo Fairytale Bike

Apollo Fairytale Bike

At a Glance: Apollo Fairytale Kids Bike:

  • Designed for ages 3-6 (Height: 98 - 111cm)
  • Weight: 8kg for easy handling
  • Sturdy steel frame and air-filled rubber tyres
  • Removable stabilisers for learning balance
  • Added safety with front and rear calliper brakes

Our Verdict: The Apollo Fairytale Bike combines safety, durability, and enchanting features, making it an ideal choice for young riders embarking on their first magical cycling adventures.

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The Apollo Fairytale  is a magical companion for any young adventurer ready to explore the world on two wheels. Designed for children aged 3-6 years, it offers a perfect blend of safety, fun, and durability. Tailored to meet the needs of growing riders, the Apollo Fairytale Bike ensures a magical transition from beginner to confident cyclist. With a robust safety design and enchanting aesthetics, it stands out in the market as a top choice for the little explorers out there.

Unravelling the Magic of Apollo Fairytale

The Fairytales and whimsy of childhood play into the design of the Apollo Fairytale Kids Bike. At the heart of this enchanting ride is a sturdy steel frame designed to withstand the rough and tumble of a child's play. The 12" wheel size makes it ideal for the target age group, ensuring that feet can comfortably reach the ground when necessary while providing that next-step challenge.

Components That Promise Safe Adventures

In terms of safety, the bike comes with an array of features to protect its young rider. The front and rear calliper brakes offer ample stopping power, essential for those sudden halts during adventurous rides. Sturdy air-filled rubber tyres provide a comfortable cushion on various surfaces. For added peace of mind, the bike includes a full chainguard to keep little fingers and clothes free from the chain and greasy elements, making for a worry-free riding experience.

Striking a balance between playfulness and function, the Apollo Fairytale comes with a full suite of accessories. A stylish white basket provides practical storage for essential items, and the plastic rear dolly carrier invites a favorite toy to join the ride. Mudguards on both wheels keep clothes protected on muddier paths, reinforcing the bike's adaptability to different play environments.

As children grow, they require progressive challenges. The removable stabilisers make it easy to adjust the bike for your child's increasing coordination and balance skills. The adjustable seat and handlebars ensure a comfortable fit for a wide range of sizes within the age group. This flexibility empowers you to make this bike a long-term companion for their child's journey into cycling proficiency.

Riding the Apollo Fairytale

When it comes to where this fairy-tale can unfold, the Apollo Fairytale Kids Bike is versatile enough to handle garden paths, park trails, and pavement with ease. Its robust design gives a smooth ride over flat ground and provides the necessary support for those initial ventures onto grass or gravel. Although it's obviously not built for hard-core shredding or hardcore off-road biking, it allows young riders to experience different surfaces with confidence.

Detailed Technical Specifications

The technical specification list of the Apollo Fairytale Kids Bike reflects its commitment to providing a solid and safe cycling foundation:

  • Frame: Robust Steel construction, suitable for child heights of 98-111cm
  • Brake Type: Front and rear caliper brakes
  • Tyres: Air-filled rubber for smooth riding and durability
  • Forks: Steel, providing strength and stability


The Apollo Fairytale Kids Bike not only promises but delivers an enjoyable and safe riding experience. It's a bike that grows with the child, facilitating skill development at a comfortable pace. The overall sentiment cherishes the joy and excitement young riders feel when pedaling through their own little adventures. Specifically designed for the early years of cycling, it's recommended for those who seek a reliable and captivating first bike for their children.