Apollo Mermaid Bike

Apollo Mermaid Bike

Key Features:

  • Designed for children aged 4-7 years, height range 105-116cm
  • Removable stabilisers to aid learning
  • Front and rear calliper brakes for safe stopping
  • Full chain guard for finger and clothing protection
  • Comes with mudguards, rear dolly carrier, streamers, and spokies

Our Verdict: The Apollo Mermaid Kids Bike with its thoughtful safety features and fun accessories is an excellent choice for young adventurers.

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The Apollo Mermaid Kids Bike with its 14-inch wheels is a great starting point for the adventurous little rider. Aimed at children aged 4 to 7 years, with a height range of 105 - 116cm, this bike promises to deliver a bundle of fun, quality, and safety for young cycling enthusiasts. Designed with a blend of style and substance, the Apollo Mermaid is a first-rate choice for those stepping into the world of cycling and parents wanting a bike that can grow with them as they develop their riding skills.

The Mermaid is adorned with design elements that are sure to capture the imagination of any child. From the shimmering aqua frame mimicking the enchanting sea to the handlebar streamers reminiscent of oceanic flora, the bike's visual appeal is matched by its practicality and safety features. The importance of durable materials in the makeup of the bike can be seen in the robust steel frame and forks, ensuring a sturdy ride.

The heart of the Apollo Mermaid lies in its engineering, evident in the calliper brake system that offers reliable stopping power for tiny hands. The bike is equipped with rigid forks, which, while simplistic compared to more advanced models, provide a controlled ride on paved surfaces, ensuring the bike's suitability for young riders. Its air-filled rubber tyres provide a cushioned ride, absorbing the vibrations of the road and enhancing the overall cycling experience.

Safety and Comfort

The Apollo Mermaid places a strong emphasis on the safety of its rider. A full chainguard ensures little fingers and clothing remain unscathed from the bike's mechanics. The add-on of stabilisers offers an adjustable learning curve; they can be easily removed as the rider's confidence and ability develop, giving a seamless path to two-wheel riding.

Rider Experience

The Apollo Mermaid Kids Bike is a versatile steed, suited for cruising on pavements and light off-road trails. Whether it's a dash to the park or a leisurely ride on the neighbourhood footpath, this bike caters to a variety of experiences. While it may not be the choice for muddy days, its design affords an enjoyable ride in milder outdoor settings.

Riding through puddles is made less daunting with the integrated front and rear mudguards, keeping splashes at bay. The single-speed gearing keeps things straightforward for beginners, emphasising the joy of riding without the complexity of gear changes. As little ones gain proficiency, they'll find the Apollo Mermaid to be a dependable partner for their cycling fun.

Technical Specifications

  • Frame: Robust Steel construction
  • Fork: Sturdy Steel
  • Brakes: Front and rear caliper brakes
  • Wheels: 14 inches with air-filled rubber tyres
  • Tyre Size: 14"x2.125"
  • Weight: Approximate 9kg
  • Gearing: Single-speed
  • Additional Features: Matching Doll Carrier, handlebar streamers and removable stabilisers


With it's thoughtfully designed features focusing on safety, comfort, and style, the Apollo Mermaid elevates cycling for children and brings a sense of enchantment to their rides.

Reported testimonials see parents lauding the bike's sturdy construction and its ability to instil confidence in their children. The tale of the Apollo Mermaid is one of joyous adventures, with many an eager cyclist recounting tales of their delightful escapades atop their aquatic-themed steed. In summary, the Apollo Mermaid is enthusiastically recommended for any child eager to embark on their cycling journey, promising a seamless blend of fantastical fun and practical performance.