Apollo Sparkle Bike

Apollo Sparkle Bike

Key Features of the Apollo Sparkle Kids Bike:

  • Age Guide: Suitable for children aged 3-6 years
  • Weight: 9.5kg making it manageable for little riders
  • Safe Brakes: Equipped with front and rear caliper brakes
  • Protection: Full chainguard for finger and clothing safety
  • Learning Aid: Removable stabilisers for balance support

Our Verdict: The Apollo Sparkle is a fantastic starter bike for youngsters, with safety and learning features to give parents peace of mind.

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The Apollo Sparkle Kids Bike is a shining star in the children’s bike market. Designed to captivate young riders aged 3-6 years with its dazzling design and parent-friendly features, the Sparkle opens up a universe of adventure, with safety at the forefront and enough flair to excite any budding cyclist. This bike not only represents the joy of childhood but also showcases Apollo's commitment to fostering the next generation of riders through affordable, reliable, and exciting bikes.

Apollo Sparkle's Design 

At the heart of the Sparkle is a robust steel frame, providing a stable and hard-wearing platform for young adventurers to develop their riding skills. This material choice ensures longevity and resilience against the inevitable bumps and knocks of learning to ride.

The 12" air filled rubber tyres offer a comfortable ride, and thanks to their size, they ensure that the bike is easily manageable for children within the specified height range of 98 - 111cm. With both front and rear calliper brakes, young riders have ample stopping power at their fingertips, allowing for quick and safe deceleration.

Adding to the bike's safe design is a full chainguard that shields clothing and fingers from the moving parts. The guard doubles as a canvas for the bike's bright and fun graphics, adding to the allure for the young cyclist.

The Apollo Sparkle's stabilisers are a crucial feature for those still mastering balance, as the rider's confidence grows, these stabilisers can be easily removed, thus facilitating the natural progression to two wheels. Supporting riders and their guardians, the bike comes with a removable parent handle to control the bike during the early stages of training.

The single-speed drivetrain simplifies the riding experience, eliminating the complexity of gear shifting and allowing the child to focus purely on pedalling and steering. This straightforward approach is particularly beneficial for beginners who are learning the basic mechanics of cycling.

Riding Experience

Considering the designated age and stature of the Apollo Sparkle's primary users, the bike is built to handle the variety of environments a child might encounter. Whether it's a leisurely ride in the park or an exciting adventure through the back garden, the bike's design ensures a stable and enjoyable experience.

In sunny weather, the grip of the tyres shines, providing a reliable connection to the ground and aiding in steering. When the clouds gather and surfaces become damp, the caliper brakes still perform admirably, ensuring that the young rider always feels in control.

As the stabilisers come off and the rider becomes more experienced, the Apollo Sparkle continues to provide a solid platform for further exploration. Its hardtail frame and rigid suspension guarantee that the transition from supported to independent riding is as seamless as possible, instilling confidence in young cyclists.

The bike's manoeuvrability makes it ideal for short rides to school or for tagging along on family cycling trips. Its performance remains consistent across various scenarios, allowing the young rider to focus on the joy of cycling rather than the challenge of controlling their ride.

Technical Specifications of the Apollo Sparkle Kids Bike

  • Frame: Robust Steel
  • Brakes: Front and rear caliper brakes
  • Forks: Rigid Suspension
  • Tyres: Air Filled Rubber, size 12"x2.125"
  • Rims: Robust Steel
  • Stabilisers: Yes - Removable
  • Approximate Weight (KG): 9.5kg
  • Child Height: Suitable for children 98 - 111cm in height
  • Additional Features: Full chainguard, removable parent handle, matching accessories available


The Apollo Sparkle Kids Bike basks in the glow of positive feedback. One parent exclaims, "My daughter took to it immediately! The stability and ease of control have made her fall in love with cycling." Another review states, "The transition from stabilisers to two wheels was effortless. The Apollo Sparkle is a truly exceptional first bike."

Combining these experiential endorsements with trusted Apollo quality results in a wholehearted recommendation of the Sparkle as a top choice for a child's first bike. Its enchantment stems not just from a glitzy appearance but from reliable, core cycling features that make early riding encounters both safe and delightful.