Apollo Envy Bike

Apollo Envy Bike

  • Child-Friendly Design: Ideal for 6-11-year-olds, 117-135cm tall children
  • Hybrid Versatility: Suitable for both urban and light off-road riding
  • Simple Drivetrain: Single-speed gear for ease of use
  • Durable Construction: Robust steel frame to withstand daily adventures
  • Safety First: Equipped with reliable V-Brakes for firm stopping power

Our Verdict: The Apollo Envy Junior Hybrid is the perfect companion for young explorers, offering a blend of durability and ease of use that is sure to inspire confidence on every ride.

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Gearing up for an outdoor adventure or a casual ride around town? The Apollo Envy Junior Hybrid Bike is designed for kids who crave a mix of both worlds – the ruggedness of an off-road ride with the comfort and reliability of an urban cruiser. Perfect for 6-11-year-olds seeking thrill and fun, the 20" wheel Apollo Envy comes with features that give youngsters the best of cycling. In today's crowded market of children's bikes, the Apollo Envy stands out with its versatility and quality, inviting children to the joy of cycling.

The Heart of the Apollo Envy

At first glance, the Apollo Envy promises to be a sturdy companion for your child's endeavours. Starting with the frame, the robust steel construction ensures resilience through different conditions. Not only does it contribute to the bike's structural integrity, but it also provides a stable ride, supporting your budding cyclist as they develop their skills.

Smooth Sailing with Apollo Envy's Single Speed

One stand-out feature is the simplicity of its single-speed gear system. By eliminating the need for complex gear changes, the gear setup bolsters your young rider's confidence, allowing them to focus purely on the joy of the ride and their surroundings. The simplicity also means less maintenance and more uninterrupted riding pleasure.

Stopping Power Gives Peace of Mind

Safety is paramount, especially in junior bikes. The Apollo Envy is equipped with responsive V-Brakes providing ample stopping power. Whether it’s a sudden halt in the park or a controlled stop on city paths, these brakes offer your child control over their cycling experience with dependable braking levers at their fingertips.

Rugged Tyres for the Trail-blazing Tyke

  • Type and Size: Air Filled Rubber, 20"x1.75"
  • Benefits: Offers a smooth and comfortable ride on both pavements and paths

The air-filled rubber tyres are a match for a variety of surfaces, ensuring that grip and comfort are maintained whether your child is cruising on concrete or tackling gentle trails. The tyre’s durability means long-lasting performance and less worry about frequent replacements.

Built for Easy Riding

Accessibility is key for children's bikes, and the Apollo Envy doesn't disappoint. Its rigid forks offer a reliable ride for the budding cyclist, ensuring that they can manage their bike with ease. The absence of complex suspension systems makes this bike perfect for children still mastering the basics of balance and control.

Comfort and Customisation

Apollo havn't overlooked comfort. The saddle and handlebar setup keep the rider in an upright, comfortable position, enabling them to ride longer and further without discomfort. All this, along with the option to personalise the bike with a name sticker, means your child can make the Apollo Envy truly theirs.

Technical Specification

  • Frame: Strong robust steel frame
  • Wheel Size: 20 inches
  • Fork Material: Steel
  • Rims: Aluminium
  • Tyre Size: 20" x 1.75"
  • Brake Type: V-Brakes; firm stopping power, easy for small hands to operate
  • Number of Gears: 1; Single Speed for ease of use
  • Suspension: Rigid; facilitates balance and ease of handling


The consensus among parents and young riders is clear; the Apollo Envy Junior Hybrid Bike is a firm favourite. Hailed for its simple yet effective features, it garners high praise for being a reliable, sturdy, and fun introduction to cycling for kids.

Riders highlight the ease of use, especially with the single-speed gear set which makes for uninterrupted, carefree adventures. Parents commend the bike's build quality that withstands the rough and tumble of active children, whilst maintaining its appeal with its comfortable ride quality.

If your child is ready to explore the world of cycling, the Apollo Envy embodies the perfect balance between a robust off-road bike and a smooth urban cruiser. It not only meets but exceeds the expectations for a junior bike, making it a top recommendation for parents seeking a durable, reliable, and enjoyable bike for their children.