Apollo Creed Bike

Apollo Creed Bike

Key Features of the Apollo Creed Junior Mountain Bike:

  • Robust steel frame for durability
  • Full suspension for comfortable off-road riding
  • 18 speed Shimano gears for various terrains
  • Cable disc brakes for reliable stopping power
  • 24" air filled rubber tires suitable for junior riders

Our Verdict: The Apollo Creed Junior Mountain Bike combines robust construction with performance features, making it an exciting choice for budding adventurers.

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The Apollo Creed Junior Mountain Bike with its 24" wheels is a finely tuned machine geared up for youngsters who are eager to explore the world of mountain biking. Designed with emerging riders in mind, the Apollo Creed is the perfect choice for adventurous kids aged between 8 and 12. With full suspension, a robust steel frame, and reliable Shimano gears, this bike stands as a fantastic option for those ready to take on both the trails and casual rides with confidence and style.

Designed for Young Adventurers

The Apollo Creed Bike is tailored to inspire a sense of adventure and strengthen the confidence of the younger rider. It's crafted from robust steel to withstand the knocks and bumps of learning, while maintaining a level of comfort across varying terrains. There is no compromise on quality with this junior mountain bike — every component is chosen to ensure durability, safety, and a smooth ride.

Robust Steel Frame and Full Suspension

At the heart of the Apollo Creed is a robust steel frame, chosen for its innate strength and resilience. The full suspension system provides a comfortable ride by absorbing shocks from uneven surfaces, which is essential for keeping in control when shredding the trails.

Shimano Gearing System for Reliable Shifting

The bike is fitted with an 18 speed Shimano gearing system, featuring Revoshift shifters that allow for quick and smooth gear changes. Shimano's reputation for quality reflects hardcore reliability in the moving parts, essential for young'uns gaining confidence in shifting gears uphill or picking up speed on a straight trail.

Cable-Operated Disc Brakes for Enhanced Safety

When it comes to stopping power, the Apollo Creed doesn't cut corners. The cable-operated disc brakes offer consistent performance compared to traditional rim brakes, particularly useful for sudden stops when hammering along singletrack or descending steep inclines.

The aluminium rims provide a lightweight yet sturdy base for the air-filled rubber tyres, ensuring a comfortable ride with ample grip — crucial for both leisurely park rides and more gnarly off-road fun. Moreover, the tyre size of 24"x1.75" strikes an ideal balance between agility and traction.

Young riders aboard the Apollo Creed Junior Mountain Bike can expect an exceptional experience. The bike's full suspension equips them to tackle a variety of terrain, from the park to the trail, ensuring comfort during prolonged rides or while climbing moderate hills. As part of the UK's well-established Apollo Bikes family, the Apollo Creed is a versatile choice for kids you can trust in various weather conditions. It's a bike that encourages youngsters to rail around berms or send it down pathways, broadening their cycling horizons.

Rider Testimonials and Expert Endorsements

The Apollo Creed Junior Mountain Bike comes highly recommended by casual riders and young enthusiasts alike. Testimonials speak to the bike's resilience and ease of use, illustrating its popularity in the community. With formidable features like the steel frame and full suspension, the Apollo Creed stands as a commendable option for parents seeking a reliable and safe bike for their kids' off-road adventures.

And let's face it, just the name alone makes it a winner ;-)