Apollo Gridlok

Apollo Gridlok

Key Features of the Apollo Gridlok Junior Mountain Bike:

  • 24" wheel suitable for children aged 8-12 years
  • Robust Steel frame for durability
  • Front suspension to handle bumpy terrain
  • Shimano 18 speed gearing for various inclines
  • V-Brakes for reliable stopping power

Our Verdict: The Apollo Gridlok is an ideal junior mountain bike offering a sturdy ride and control over uneven paths, perfect for young adventurers.

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Exploring the outdoors, blasting the hills, and experiencing the joy of two wheels is a rite of passage for many youngsters, and the Apollo Gridlok Mountain Bike is an able tool for those ready to embark on those adventures.

Tailored for children aged 8-12 and designed to handle the rugged playfulness of off-road antics, this bike represents an ideal transition for kids evolving from learners to confident riders. The Apollo Gridlok isn't just a bike; it's an entry-ticket to freedom, exploration, and the development of lifelong cycling passions!

Rugged Frame and Suspension

When it comes to the core of a junior mountain bike, the strength and resilience of the frame are paramount. The Apollo Gridlok comes equipped with a robust steel frame that stands up to the rigours of trail riding and the inevitable tumbles that come with pushing limits. Despite its durability, the frame remains light enough at 16kg for young riders to handle with relative ease. As for comfort, the front suspension plays a key role, absorbing the vibrations and shocks from those bumpy paths and gnarly trails, encouraging kids to keep hammering away and enjoying their time outdoors.

Shimano Gearing

Having the right gears at your disposal is critical for a good ride, especially when the terrain involves challenging climbs and twisty descents. A Shimano 18 speed gear system allows young bikers to find their rhythm whether they're scaling steep inclines or racing down slopes. This bike’s SRAM twist shifters simplify gear changes, letting riders focus on their ride instead of fiddling with complicated mechanisms. The smooth transitioning between gears exemplifies how the Apollo Gridlok promotes skill development while ensuring the ride stays enjoyable and accessible.

Stopping Power with V-Brakes

Safety can never be compromised, and reliable stopping power is a necessity on any terrain. The Apollo Gridlok features strong V-Brakes with alloy brake levers, providing confident and controlled braking. Young riders can learn the importance of moderation and braking technique, an essential skill for those looking to dive deeper into the world of mountain biking and more hardcore trails.

Comfort and Control

Ample traction and stability are vital when it’s time to rail berms or tackle loose surfaces. The air filled rubber tyres on the Apollo Gridlok offer this in spades, delivering a grip that empowers riders to test their limits securely. At 24"x1.75", these tyres hit the sweet spot for kids' bikes, providing enough volume to cushion the ride without compromising the bike's responsiveness.

Experience Off Road Terrain

Riding the Apollo Gridlok offers an immersive experience into mountain biking culture for junior riders. The all-weather performance of this bike means that whether shredding through muddy singletrack or cruising dry gravel paths, you can expect consistently great performance. The combination of the bike’s forgiving suspension, reliable braking, and versatile gearing allows young adventurers to hone their skills across diverse environments, giving them a taste of what dedicated cycling offers.


The Apollo Gridlok has garnered high praise from parents and young riders alike, with many commending its sturdy build and reliable components. Testimonials often highlight the confidence it inspires in kids. The bike is highly recommended for those seeking a quality and enjoyable introduction to junior mountain biking.