Apollo Police Bike

Apollo Police Bike

Key Features of the Apollo Police Patrol Kids Bike:

  • Suitable for children aged 4-7 years (height: 105 - 116cm)
  • Robust steel frame with rigid suspension
  • Air filled rubber tires with front and rear calliper brakes
  • Equipped with removable stabilisers
  • Includes fun police-themed accessories

Our Verdict: The Apollo Police Patrol Kids Bike is an excellent choice for young riders interested in a playful and safe cycling experience.

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The Apollo Police Patrol Kids Bike with its 14" wheels is a striking example of fun and functionality merging to create a riding experience that young aspiring police officers will love. Designed for children aged 4-7 years and built with attention to safety, durability, and the thrilling theme of law enforcement, this bike takes its place in the market as an immersive playtime companion for little ones who dream of keeping the streets safe while mastering the art of cycling.

Robust Design and Reliable Features

At the heart of the Apollo Police Patrol Kids Bike is the robust steel frame, ensuring durability for the rough and tumble of child's play. Every aspect of this bike has been meticulously designed, from the air-filled rubber tyres which offer a stable and cushioned ride, to the front and rear calliper brakes that provide young riders with the reliable stopping power necessary for safe cycling.

The full chainguard not only protects little fingers from the bike's moving parts but adds to the overall appeal with its thematic graphics. The inclusion of removable stabilisers is a critical feature, allowing for the bike's use by children at varying skill levels. As the child's confidence and ability grow, the stabilisers can easily be detached, making the transition to two-wheel riding seamless and encouraging.

Mudguards adorn both the front and rear, providing practical protection from splashback, keeping clothes clean and riders happy, irrespective of the weather. The bike's thoughtful design elements extend to the handlebar plaque and rear toolbox, which houses miniature play cones, allowing for imaginative play and the simulation of a police bike in action.

Cycle with Confidence

Riding the Apollo Police Patrol Kids Bike is a delightful experience, whether navigating the smooth tarmac of a neighbourhood or tackling the gentle undulations of a nearby park'. The bike's build quality shines as it effortlessly adapts to a variety of outdoor environments, reassuring parents of its reliability and versatility. Young riders can expect stable handling and comfortable riding positions, which motivate them to continue developing their riding skills.

Even in damp conditions, the efficacy of the calliper brakes stands up, ensuring consistent performance and peace of mind. While designed for urban play rather than technical off-road shredding, the bike's sturdy construction means it can handle the occasional off-path adventure without missing a beat, encouraging the exploration of new surroundings.

Technical Specification

  • Frame: Robust Steel, tailored to withstand the rigours of active children
  • Brake Type: Calliper brakes, modelled for predictably strong stopping power
  • Number of Gears: 1, for simplification and ease of use
  • Suspension: Rigid Suspension, for increased control and to aid in developing balance
  • Tyres: Air Filled Rubber, size 14"x2.125", perfectly suited for smooth rolling and comfort
  • Wheel Size: 14", an optimal size for the targeted age group, providing the right balance between control and efficiency
  • Additional Feature 1: Comes with a matching police-themed toolbox containing play cones
  • Additional Feature 2: Range of matching accessories available for a complete police patrol experience
  • Fork Material: Steel, for enduring front end support
  • Rims: Steel, sturdy construction to handle playful knocks and bumps
  • Stabilisers: Yes, removable for skill progression
  • Approximate Weight (KG): 9.0 kg, manageable for young children without sacrificing sturdiness


The Apollo Police Patrol Kids Bike garners outstanding reviews from parents and little riders alike, who celebrate its immersive thematic design and robust build. Testimonials highlight the joy and confidence it has brought to children, with parents appreciating the sturdy construction and attention to safety features. Highly recommended for inspiring both a love of cycling and imaginative play, this bike stands out as an excellent choice for fostering outdoor activity and role-play adventure.