Apollo Chaos Bike

Apollo Chaos Bike

Key Features:

  • Age Range: 6-11 years, Height: 117 - 135cm
  • Frame: Robust steel with front suspension for comfort
  • Gearing: 6 speed Shimano Revoshift for easy hill climbs
  • Brakes: Reliable V-Brakes for controlled stopping
  • Tyres: 20" air filled rubber perfect for trails

Our Verdict: The Apollo Chaos Junior Mountain Bike combines a sturdy frame with great suspension, making it a perfect choice for young bike enthusiasts eager to explore off-road adventures.

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Designed to inspire the next generation of mountain bikers, the Apollo Chaos Junior Mountain Bike offers a robust frame, smooth gear transitions, and a suspension system that promises young riders a thrilling yet secure off-road adventure. Engineered to satisfy the demands of children aged 6-11, this mountain bike provides a seamless blend of style and practicality for youngsters eager to explore varied terrain or simply enjoy a dependable ride to school. Standing out in the junior market segment, the Apollo Chaos is more than a bike - it's the first step in a cycling journey filled with excitement and freedom.

Frame and Suspension

The Apollo Chaos is built around a robust steel frame, made to withstand the knocks and bumps of everyday use by energetic kids. This resilience ensures a long-lasting companion for your child's outdoor trips. To complement the durable frame, the bike features front suspension forks that elegantly absorb shocks from those bumpy trails, ensuring a smoother ride and helping to them maintain control and comfort.

Gearing System and Shifters

With a focus on adaptability and ease of use, the Apollo Chaos is equipped with 6-speed gears regulated by Shimano Revoshift gear shifters. These components offer young riders the ability to effortlessly navigate through various inclines, ensuring that both climbing and descending paths can be tackled with confidence. The light action of the shifters makes it simple for small hands to change gears without losing focus on the trail ahead.

Whether it's a sudden stop or controlled slowing down, reliable brakes are imperative. The Chaos takes this seriously by implementing V-brakes that offer decisive stopping power. The responsiveness of these brakes provides peace of mind for parents and allows riders to challenge themselves knowing they can trust their bike's capabilities.

The air-filled rubber tyres of the Apollo Chaos guarantee a comfortable ride across varied off-road terrain while still providing ample grip. They are affixed to lightweight alloy rims, reducing the overall weight of the bike and thus improving the handling and ease of maneuverability—a critical factor when young riders are honing their biking skills.

The bike features an adjustable seat, ensuring a perfect fit as your child grows. This flexibility not only enhances comfort over longer rides but also optimizes pedalling efficiency, which is essential when shredding through singletrack or hammering up hills as they develop.

Technical Specifications

  • Frame: Robust steel frame that ensures durability
  • Front Suspension: Offering a more comfortable ride over bumpy terrain
  • Brakes: Efficient V-Brakes providing strong stopping power
  • Gears: 6-speed gearing system, featuring light action Shimano Revoshift
  • Tyres: Air-filled rubber 20" x 1.75" for a comfortable and grippy ride
  • Rims: Lightweight Alloy for easier handling
  • Forks: Robust steel providing stability and control


The Apollo Chaos Junior Mountain Bike has already garnered praises for its robust construction and youthful aesthetic. Riders express delight with the bike's impressive control and comfort when navigating diverse landscapes. As a credible recommendation for families seeking a reliable and exciting bike for their young ones, the Apollo Chaos is a clear favorite.