Apollo Neo Bike

Apollo Neo Bike

Key Features of the Apollo Neo Kids Bike:

  • Age Suitability: 5-9 years (112-126cm child height)
  • Weight: Approximately 10kg
  • Brakes: Reliable alloy V-brakes for safe stopping
  • Tyres: Durable air-filled rubber
  • Extras: Removable stabilisers and cool neo-chrome design

Our Verdict: The Apollo Neo Kids Bike combines safety with style, providing removable stabilisers and a funky design that kids will love as they develop their cycling skills.

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Embarking on their two-wheeled adventures, young riders deserve a bike that not only resonates with their vibrant energy but also ensures safety and reliability. The Apollo Neo Kids Bike with its 16-inch wheels stands as an ideal companion for budding cyclists. Perfectly tailored for children between the ages of 5 and 9, this bike is designed to accommodate the growth and learning phases that come with mastering cycling, making it a popular choice in the kids' UK bike market. It offers a combination of style, comfort, and efficiency, allowing parents peace of mind while their little ones take to the streets or parks with gleeful abandon.

Frame and Safety Design

The Apollo Neo Kid's Bike frame is constructed from sturdy steel, offering both the toughness and responsiveness needed for the rough-and-tumble of childhood play. At the same time, the frame's performance retains enough flexibility to absorb the bumps on the road, ensuring a smooth ride. The bike comes equipped with removable stabilisers, allowing kids to gradually progress from four wheels to two while the powerful V-brakes are designed for small hands to operate with ease, providing reliable stopping power for added safety.

Tyres and Terrain

Grippy air-filled rubber tyres ensure a solid connection with the pavement or park paths. The 16-inch tyre size is specifically chosen to provide a balance between stability and manoeuvrability, helping young riders over different terrain with confidence.

As a child transitions from stabilisers to independent riding, the Apollo Neo offers a supportive learning platform. Whether they’re exploring in the park or taking on a gentle trail, the bike's design encourages climbing, turning, and even the occasional off-road foray onto singletrack

Technical Proficiency

Alongside its visual appeal and safety features, the Apollo Neo boasts a precise engineering befitting Apollo's longstanding brand of reliable bikes. Each component is selected to ensure durability and ease of use as children put their bikes through the rigours of learning and play.


The Apollo Neo is more than just a children's bike - it's a reliable steed for young riders. With its stylish frame, robust build, and confidence-building design, testimonials from satisfied parents reinforce its place as a top choice. Mums and dads praise the sturdy construction, the reassurance provided by the excellent brakes, and the ease with which their children took to the bike. It comes highly recommended for any youngster ready to embrace the journey of cycling.