Cycling for Libraries – Katerina Jee Joins

Katarina Jee, the mobile library of Tallinn Central Library, was born in Finland in a small place called Kiitokori in 2008.

Katarina Jee got its name from the book “Toomas Nipernaadi”. The book was written by August Gailit, who has enriched Estonian literature, author, who has managed to capture Estonians inner world. In the book Katarina Jee had many boats – and Tallinn Central Library is like Katarina Jee who gives it’s “boat” to the citizens, so it could distribute information and knowledge. Katarina Jee is serving the citizens of Tallinn since 13th of May 2008.

Katarina Jee stops regularly at 26 places all over the Tallinn, in places where no libraries are nearby. She also participates at different events for kids and adults, visits schools and kindergartens. People can choose the book of their interest from the collection of 8000 items. There are about 4000 books in the bus every day, including the classical literature, both in Estonian and Russian. Most of the books are fiction. All the books in the mobile library can be found from the online catalogue ESTER.

In the summer of 2012 Katarina Jee is planning to visit Lithuania, Latvia and Southern Estonia with her friends, the librarians with bicycles. And in that journey in cooperation with librarians and writers she is planning to talk about libraries and literature to all the friends of the libraries among the way. When arriving back to Tallinn, she waves and continues her journey to Helsinki, to meet her friends in IFLA.

In Tallinn on the 8th of August: Tallinn Central Library and the children celebrate the end of the 10th summer reading program “The summer with the book”. All the librarians with bicycles, let’s surprise the children with reading a poem to them in Estonian!

Kiitokori Oy is the leading Finnish special vehicle manufacturer. Kiitokori is designing, manufacturing and marketing library buses, buses, shop mobiles, medical and health care vehicles, aircraft de-icing vehicles as well as other special vehicles. Kiitokori is a major manufacturer of library buses in Nordic countries.

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