Cannondale Mavaro Neo 2 Low StepThru

Cannondale Mavaro Neo 2 Low StepThru

  • Drive System: Powered by Bosch's Performance Line CX 250W drive-unit
  • Battery Capacity and Range: Equipped with a 750Wh Bosch battery, Providinh a range of up to 175km
  • Suspension: Features an ultra-smooth 50mm travel HeadShok fork for enhanced comfort and control
  • Gear System: Shimano Nexus Revoshift 5-speed internal gear hub complemented by a Gates carbon belt drive for smooth and reliable shifting
  • Frame: Low Step-Thru SmartForm C1 Alloy frame, Expert aluminium craftsmanship for a robust and confidence-inspiring ride

Our Verdict: With Cannondale's Mavaro Neo 2 Low StepThru, you get an e-bike that encapsulates style, comfort and versatility. Its powerful Bosch drive system and 750Wh battery delivers impressive range while the sophisticated HeadShok suspension ensures a butter-smooth ride. The advanced gear system guarantees effortless acceleration and the robust alloy frame can accommodate riders of different heights with ease. A perfect companion for urban commuting.

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Designed to elevate the art of transportation, the Cannondale Mavaro Neo 2 Low StepThru electric commuter bike harmoniously interplays function and pleasure, comfort, and capability, speed and style. It is meticulously engineered to thrive around town and beyond, making it an ideal choice for urban cyclists and commuters seeking a versatile means of transport that also promises a thrilling ride experience. Whether it's for your daily commute to work or a leisurely ride exploring the town, this finely-tuned e-bike redefines ease and comfort.

The Detailed Features of Cannondale Mavaro Neo 2 Low StepThru

Meticulously crafted and equipped with state-of-the-art components, the Mavaro Neo offers an engaging amalgamation of revolutionary e-biking technology and thoughtful design.

  • The Frame and Suspension: The bike features a low step-thru smartform C1 alloy frame that boasts a robust construction and facilitates easy mounting and dismounting. It also boasts an ultra-smooth 50mm travel HeadShok fork, a unique feature that sets this bike apart from the competitors. The precision needle bearings offer a level of smoothness and control that you do not typically find in urban suspension forks.
  • Drivetrain: Equipped with a Shimano Nexus Revoshift 5-speed internal gear hub and a Gates carbon belt drive, the bike offers smooth and reliable shifting always. This ideal urban drivetrain eliminates the need for dirty chains and noisy derailleurs.
  • E-Bike System: At the heart of this electric commuter bike lies Bosch's Smart System, featuring the Performance Line CX 250W drive unit. This cutting-edge system ensures effortless acceleration and offers versatility for your varying travel needs. The powerful 750Wh battery provides a range of up to 175km on a single charge, eradicating any range anxiety for extended rides.
  • Brakes: The Mavaro Neo 2 Low StepThru uses Tektro M535 4-piston hydraulic discs with 203mm rotors to provide remarkable braking power for optimum safety and control.
  • Wheel and Tyres: The large sizes use 29" wheels, while the smallest size comes with 27.5" wheels. The Continental Contact Cruiser tyres promise superior comfort, speed and better grip on the road.
  • Other Standout Features: Among other engaging features, the bike comes with an Intellimount stem letting you mount your phone securely on the stem, a powerful 35 lux headlight and a bright taillight improving visibility, and a removable cover under the downtube allowing easy removal of the battery for charging indoors.

The Ride Experience on Cannondale Mavaro Neo 2 Low StepThru

Expect a unique blend of comfort and ease on the Mavaro Neo 2 Low StepThru. The bike is engineered to handle different weather conditions and deliver consistent performance regardless of the scenario. The effortless acceleration courtesy of the Bosch Smart System ensures you can conveniently navigate both busy city streets and open roads. With up to 175 Km of range on a single charge, you are free to explore further and ride longer. The Cannondale HeadShok fork ensures smooth riding over bumpy urban terrain, offering unrivalled smoothness and control.

Cannondale Mavaro Neo 2 Low StepThru Detailed Technical Specifications

  • Frame: SmartForm C1 Alloy, low step-thru, internal cable routing
  • Fork: Cannondale HeadShok, 50mm travel
  • Drive Unit: Bosch Performance Line CX 250W
  • Battery: Bosch PowerTube, 750Wh
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano Nexus 5-speed internal gear hub
  • Chain: Gates CDX high-performance carbon drive belt
  • Brakes: Tektro M535 4-piston hydraulic disc, 203/203mm rotors
  • Wheel Size: 27.5/29


With its stellar specifications and build quality, the Cannondale Mavaro Neo 2 Low StepThru has highly been praised by riders. They appreciated the comfortable and fluid riding experience this e-bike offers, especially on city commutes. The powerful performance of the Bosch Smart System has been a particular highlight, with users noting how it offers the perfect assistance for traversing both flat and hilly conditions. Furthermore, the long-life battery has been cited as a game-changer by enthusiastic riders who enjoy long-distance travelling. Recommended highly for urban commuting and leisure rides, reviewers have noted that this bike is not just a reliable means of transport but also a ticket to thrilling cycling adventures.