Cannondale Mavaro Neo SL 1 StepThru

Cannondale Mavaro Neo SL 1 StepThru

  • Type: Lightweight Ebike
  • Drive: Powerful 350W Bafang hub motor
  • Battery: 360Wh, up to 67 miles of range
  • Gearing: microSHIFT Acolyte 8-speed wide-range
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc for high stopping power

Our Verdict: The Cannondale Mavaro Neo SL 1 StepThru, with its strong performance and impressive range, is an excellent e-bike choice for city streets and urban commuting.

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For everyday riders in quest of comfort, convenience, and style, the Cannondale Mavaro Neo SL 1 StepThru offers a perfect blend. Light yet powerful, this model is designed for urban and commuter cyclists looking for a state-of-the-art ebike that provides seamless rides over city streets, village lanes, and rolling roads. In a market that is increasingly veering towards sustainable and smart transportation, Cannondale's Mavaro Neo SL 1 StepThru stands out as an incredibly user-friendly bike that brings joy to commuting, errands, and daily rides.

The Cannondale Mavaro Neo SL 1 StepThru: Features Breakdown

The Mavaro Neo SL 1 StepThru is a vision of thoughtful design and advanced technology. Its structure is based on a lightweight, step-thru aluminum frame that ensures an easy mount and a comfortable upright position – ideal for the urban rider.

Powering the bike is a strong 350W Bafang hub motor, a name known for reliability in the ebike industry. With 45 Nm of torque and a Boost lever for extra power, the rider can tackle varying gradients with ease. The motor not only fits discreetly into the rear hub to keep the bike's weight in check, it also provides pedal-assist speed up to 25 km/h, delivering that extra kick when needed.

The Mavaro Neo SL 1 StepThru's energy source is a 360Wh battery integrated into the frame. It offers up to 67 miles of range on a single charge, and in case of a longer trip, a secondary battery can easily be plugged in to double the range. The battery's slim design enhances the overall aesthetics of the bike without compromising on power.

With microSHIFT Acolyte 8-speed wide-range gearing, climbing steep hills becomes less daunting. A single thumb shifter makes all the gear control a breeze. Complementing the transmission are hydraulic disc brakes which provide strong, controlled stopping power regardless of the weather conditions.

Experience as a Rider

As a rider, the experience can be described as smooth, relaxed, yet exhilarating. Whether you're navigating city rush hours, cruising along village routes or hitting undulating roads, the Mavaro Neo SL 1 StepThru easily smoothens the ride. The bike is equally dependable in wet conditions, thanks to its hydraulic disc brakes that offer a reassuring stopping power.

Its upright position ensures a comfortable ride, reducing strain and fatigue on the rider's back. The bike is also equipped with an Ergon grip and a Selle Royal Lookin saddle that further enhance rider comfort.

A Look at Technical Specifications

The Mavaro Neo SL 1 StepThru features a SmartForm C3 Alloy step-thru frame with integrated downtube battery and an internal cable routing that prevents mechanical mishaps. For smooth handling over bumpy roads, it is equipped with an SR Suntour NEX custom crown fork that provides 50 mm travel.

The compact drive unit is the Bafang G020 Hub motor, outputting a robust 350W. The motor operates on a Darfon 360Wh battery, which comes with a 36V 4A Darfon charger. The bike uses Kingmeter YKPP01 as its user-friendly and easily readable display.

For rapid gear shifts, the Mavaro Neo SL 1 StepThru employs a microSHIFT Acolyte system, paired with a KMC X8 8-speed chain. The rear cogs are of 12-42, 8-speed configuration made by microSHIFT. Stopping power comes from Tektro HD-275 hydraulic disc brakes with 160/160mm rotors.


The Cannondale Mavaro Neo SL 1 StepThru has seen positive feedback from riders who appreciate its fusion of fashion and function. Users particularly laud its ability to facilitate stress-free commuting and stress-free chores. Even though it's a high-end commuter bike, riders agree that the extra features, the build quality, and the powerful yet discreet motor justify the cost.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an e-bike that complements your urban lifestyle with its comfort, classy design, and advanced technology, we highly recommend the Cannondale Mavaro Neo SL 1 StepThru.