Cannondale Compact Neo

Cannondale Compact Neo

  • Drive System: Light, powerful rear-hub Hyena MRC-250, 250W drive system

  • Battery: Hyena, 250Wh, hidden in frame

  • Range: Up to 75 km on a single charge

  • Design: Folding stem and pedals, lightweight alloy frame

  • Speed: Accelerates to 25 kph

Our Verdict: From joyrides and commuting, to finding your next favorite place, Compact Neo can get you there with ease and style.

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Set to revolutionize urban commuting, the Compact Neo by Cannondale leverages groundbreaking e-bike technology to make your everyday travel easier and more fun. Balancing agility, comfort, and ease-of-use, this electric commuter bike offers a user-friendly, high-performance option for those who are taking their travels to the gritty city streets. The Compact Neo takes a forward step in the thriving e-bike market, opening up a new realm of possibilities for riders in urban environments looking for both functionality and thrill in their rides.

Experiencing the Cannondale Compact Neo

The first thing that stands out with the Compact Neo is the discernible attention to detail in its design, which combines a light and robust SmartForm C2 Alloy frame with a powerful hidden 250Wh battery tucked neatly within. What you get is a high-performance e-bike that doesn’t sacrifice style for power. Let's delve deeper into the features and components that shape this bike's ride.

Packing in Power Within a Compact Design

At the heart of the Compact Neo is a Hyena MRC-250 rear-hub drive system, powerful enough to assist your ride and accelerate you to speeds of 25 kph swiftly. The hidden 250Wh battery supports your journey with up to 75 km of riding on a single charge, efficiently augmenting your rides whether it's a fast-paced commute or a relaxed weekend run.

  • Frame: A sturdy, sleek frame built from Compact Neo SmartForm C2 Alloy is both lightweight and robust, inviting riders to enjoy nimble, comfortable rides on the city streets.
  • Rear Derailleur: The Compact Neo employs a microSHIFT M26S Short-Cage for its rear derailleur. This allows the bike to maintain a high degree of shifting precision and system stability, resulting in smoother transitions between the 8-speed gear system.
  • Brakes: The Tektro HD-R280 hydraulic disc brakes, complemented by 160/160mm rotors, provide powerful stopping control, ensuring the rider's safety in the highly dynamic urban environment.

Ride Once, Ride Always on the Compact Neo

With a well-thought-out design and build, the Compact Neo offers a distinct riding experience that leaves a lasting impression. Its nimble nature coupled with a zippy acceleration from its powerful rear-hub system makes the bike responsive and exhilarating, making your travels through town not just easier, but enjoyable.

In upholding rider comfort, the Cannondale Compact Neo uses elements such as a Cannondale Treadwell saddle, ensuring comfortable seating on lengthy city rides. Additionally, its convenient folding stem and pedals make for easy parking and storing, enhancing your overall ease-of-use.

In diverse weather conditions, the Compact Neo demonstrates impressive versatility and resilience. From sunshine to rain, its big, grippy Kenda K-Rad 20x2.35" tyres provide reliable traction across varying road surfaces. With the additional support of 20" lightweight alloy rims and robust stainless-steel spokes, this e-bike can take on tough urban conditions while ensuring a smooth ride. It isn’t just about surviving the challenges of the city, but relishing them.

Specifications of the Cannondale Compact Neo

Powered by a compact and robust Hyena MRC-250 drive unit and a 250Wh battery, Compact Neo is capable of supporting a rider up to 75km on a single charge. The bike features a hidden power source conveniently placed within a lightweight, easy-to-manoeuvre SmartForm C2 Alloy frameset. This is paired with a responsive set of Tektro HD-R280 hydraulic disc brakes, offering a 160mm braking surface for immediate stopping power. The Cannondale Compact Neo also features a functional and sleek Sunrace 11-34, 8-Speed Rear Cogs and a swift MicroSHIFT 39-8R Thumb-Tap 8-speed shifter.


All in all, the Cannondale Compact Neo offers an outstanding choice for urban riders looking to elevate their commuting experience. While we couldn't find any direct testimonials from users, the consensus within the industry is that the bike is a great step forward in e-bike technology. It's versatility and usability make it an ideal option for any city-dweller on the go. This is an e-bike we recommend without reservations for any urban rider, and confident that the Compact Neo does not disappoint.