Cannondale Treadwell EQ

Cannondale Treadwell EQ

At a glance: Cannondale Treadwell EQ Features

  • Frame: Light, durable SmartForm C3 Alloy with Ride-Easy low-standover geometry
  • Connectivity: Integrated with Cannondale App and a wheel sensor for activity tracking
  • Gearing: Shimano 9-speed with hydraulic disc brakes
  • Extras: Front rack, alloy fenders and Urban Armor frame bumpers for daily rigors
  • Comfort: Quilted saddle, ribbed grips and easy on-and-off design with a comfy reach to the bars

Our Verdict: With its agility, comfort and durability, the versatile Cannondale Treadwell EQ is more than just a fitness bike - it's an ideal choice for daily commuting, weekend leisurely rides and everything in between.

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The Cannondale Treadwell EQ is a standout model among today's Fitness bikes available in the market. Designed with a target audience of those who crave a nimble and light bike for daily use, this bike appeals to the urban cyclist and the fun-loving adventurous souls alike. Cannondale has successfully carved a unique niche in the market with this model, blending agility, comfort, and durability effectively, making it an ideal choice for rides in town, bustling streets, or leisurely cruises.

Taking a Closer Look into the Making of Cannondale Treadwell EQ

The Treadwell EQ boasts a sturdy and durable yet light SmartForm C3 Alloy frame. You can ride in peace knowing the frame is fortified with Urban Armor bumpers, which protect it from everyday dents and dings from leaning and locking. This aluminium material ensures a lightweight experience, making it easy to bound through city terrain and neighbourhood streets effortlessly. Its low-standover geometry and Straightshot hidden cable routing accentuate its sleek and stylish design.

Digging into the Bike Tech

Treadwell EQ features a comprehensive 9-speed Shimano Altus gearing system, ensuring that the ride is effortlessly smooth on a myriad of surfaces. The hydraulic disc brakes, with 160 and 140mm rotors respectively, ensure maximum control and safety at high speeds and sudden stops. The Cannondale Wheel Sensor is integrated into the bike, offering connectivity to the Cannondale App. This allows riders to track speed, distance, calories burned and even includes a handy reminder of when service is due. The Intellimount Stem can securely hold any SP-Connect compatible smartphone case, transforming your phone into a dashboard display of ride metrics.

Designing for the Rider's Comfort and Experience

The BMX-inspired Cruise Control handlebar allows for facile control while cruising. The bike's geometry is crafted for an 'Easy-Ride', allowing easy mount and dismount, a comfortable reach to the bars, and a seat position for an easy foot-down when needed. This bike is not too upright and cruiser-y, nor too forward and sporty – it’s just right for a relaxed ride. The cohort of added features ensure superior comfort, such as a quilted saddle, ribbed grips, and pedals which use deck tape instead of teeth for a non-slip grip in any footwear.

That Added Touch

The Treadwell EQ comes equipped with convenient extras such as a front bolstered by alloy fenders for tackling those wet weather days. A handy kickstand and a front rack add to the bike's versatility, making it ready to take on daily commutes and errands.

Rider's Journey on the Cannondale Treadwell EQ

The kind of experience that Treadwell EQ offers to a rider is unparalleled. Its light frame and responsive tyres make it bound through the city and blasts through the boroughs with style. Whether you are meeting friends, running errands or just heading out for a Sunday fun day, Treadwell EQ is your reliable companion. The bike performs exceptionally well in all weather conditions, and the alloy fenders make sure that even the rainiest days will not deter you from your planned rides. It's comfort redefined, with every part of the EQ aimed towards making riding a fun and relaxed experience.

Comprehensive Technical Specification of the Cannondale Treadwell EQ

Starting with the frameset, the frame's construction consists of SmartForm C3 Alloy, Ride-Easy low-standover geometry, Straightshot hidden cable routing, Urban Armor frame bumpers, flat mount disc, rack/fender mounts. The fork is a SmartForm C3 Alloy blades, 1-1/8" steerer, OutFront offset, flat mount disc, mid-blade rack/fender mounts. For the drivetrain, we have Shimano Altus as rear Derailleur, Shimano Altus, 9-speed for shifters, KMC X9, 9-speed chain, and Prowheel, 38T crank. The braking system caters to by Tektro HD-R280 hydraulic disc with 160/140mm rotors. The wheels are Cannondale, double wall, 32h with stainless Steel, 14g spokes. The components are nearing completion with a Cannondale Cruise Control riser, 6061 alloy, 31.8mm, 15° back, 740mm for the handlebar, Cannondale Comfort one-grip-fits-all design grips, and Cannondale Treadwell, 170mm, steel rails for the saddle. Finally, rounding off with convenient front Rack, Alloy Fenders, and neatly placed Kickstand.


Overall, the Cannondale Treadwell EQ is a truly versatile and agile machine, taking on the bustling city streets and leisurely town rides with equal grace. Riders have praised the comfort of the bike's geometry and the convenience of features such as the front rack and full-coverage fenders. The comprehensive Shimano 9-speed gearing system has received an overall positive response for its smooth and seamless shifting on a wide array of surfaces. The integration of the Cannondale Wheel Sensor with the Cannondale App has also been highly appreciated for providing a rich tracking of riding metrics with premium ease.

Our verdict? The Cannondale Treadwell EQ is a worthy choice for the urban rider, looking for a bike that can double up as a fun-weekend ride and an everyday workhorse. Its colourful combination of nimble handling, comfortable riding position, and practical add-ons make it one of the best fitness bikes in its segment.