Cannondale Treadwell Neo Remixte

Cannondale Treadwell Neo Remixte

  • Drive System: Light and powerful Mahle rear-hub, 250W motor.
  • Battery Capacity: Hidden 250Wh battery.
  • Range: Up to 75 kilometers or 47 miles.
  • Integration: Connectivity with Cannondale App for tracking activity and service reminders.
  • Comfort: Comes with a comfort saddle, suspension seatpost and upright handlebars for a comfortable ride.

Our Verdict: The Cannondale Treadwell Neo Remixte stands out as an e-bike designed for comfort and functionality. With its powerful drive system and substantial range, it is ideal for both daily commuting and leisurely rides.

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The Cannondale Treadwell Neo Remixte is a versatile and agile electric fitness bike that is perfect for daily commutes, leisurely rides, and bustling city streets. This bike is a stellar choice for riders who crave a blend of comfort, efficiency, and agility. Lightweight but durable, the Treadwell Neo Remixte caters to a wide array of riders including fitness enthusiasts, daily city hustlers, and those who simply want to add a touch of excitement to their weekend rides.

The Design and Features of the Cannondale Treadwell Neo Remixte

The Treadwell Neo Remixte boasts a SmartForm C3 Alloy Frame that is both light and robust, promising longevity and seamless ride experiences. This low-step Ride-Easy geometry frame ensures easy mounting and dismounting, making it a practical choice for urban riders.

The frame houses an internal downtube battery which helps maintain a clean, sleek look. The hidden cable routing only enhances this aesthetic while preventing any potential snags during your ride.

A notable attribute of this bike is the Urban Armour frame bumpers. These provide extra protection to the frame, shielding it from the wear and tear of daily use. Additionally, the bike is equipped with a flat mount disc, rack/fender mounts, and kickstand mount, ensuring convenience at every turn.

The Cannondale Treadwell Neo Remixte’s Performance

The Cannondale Treadwell Neo Remixte isn’t just about good looks or a comfortable ride. It delivers stellar performance as well, thanks to its robust Mahle X35 250W Drive Unit. This rear hub motor is both powerful and lightweight, guaranteeing accelerated rides without weighing the bike down.

The hidden 250Wh Mahle battery provides impressive pedal assist, assuring riders of an extensive range up to 47mi (75km). This makes the bike ideal for long commuting days, leisurely park rides, or even just a quick trip to the local shops.

Adding to the bike's charm, a special integrated wheel sensor plays an important role in enhancing your biking experience. It keeps track of your activity, provides service reminders, and can even register the bike for you, all through the Cannondale App.

The Detailed Technical Specifications of the Cannondale Treadwell Neo Remixte

The Treadwell Neo Remixte comes equipped with a SmartForm C3 Alloy fork, introducing better control and shock absorption for the rider. Its Mahle iWOC ONE integrated controller and iWOC Trio smartphone app, when combined with the Intellimount stem, provide a user-friendly and convenient ride interface.

The bike riding experience is further enhanced with the microSHIFT M45S Rear Derailleur and M859 Shifters, promising smooth gear transitions on the go. The chain equipped on this ride is a KMC E9T, a trusted choice for e-bikes, known for its durability and reliability. The 38T Prowheel Crank combined with a variety of 11-36, 9-speed microSHIFT Rear Cogs offers a broad choice of gear options for different riding conditions. Powering the drivetrain is an efficient Cartridge, square taper Bottom Bracket.

For your stopping needs, Treadwell Neo Remixte has quality Tektro hydraulic disc brakes which provide excellent stopping power. The Tektro HD-R280 hydraulic disc brakes are paired with 160mm rotors both front and rear for consistent braking performance under a variety of weather and ride conditions.

The bike rolls on durable, double-walled Cannondale Disc rims shod with wide 47mm Maxxis DTR-1 tyres. These provide better grip and traction, whether you are conquering hilly parks or navigating city roads.


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