Cannondale Mavaro Neo 1 Low StepThru

Cannondale Mavaro Neo 1 Low StepThru

  • Drive System: Bosch Performance Line CX 250W drive-unit.

  • Battery: Bosch PowerTube, 750Wh - provides up to 175km range.

  • Transmission: Gates carbon belt drive with Enviolo Continuously Variable.

  • Unique Features: SmartForm C1 Alloy frame, and 50mm travel HeadShok fork.

  • Safety: Integrated Garmin rear-facing radar system.

Our Verdict: The Cannondale Mavaro Neo 1 Low StepThru is an innovatively designed e-bike equipped with top-tier features for an unmatched biking experience.

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The Cannondale Mavaro Neo 1 Low StepThru is an ideal choice for riders seeking an e-bike that seamlessly melds form and function, combining comfort with capability. Perfect for city dwellers or anyone wanting a versatile bike for trips around town or further afield, the Mavaro Neo 1 Low StepThru makes an attractive proposition in the upscale e-bike market.

The Design and Features of Cannondale Mavaro Neo 1 Low StepThru

The Mavaro Neo 1 Low StepThru manifests the best of Cannondale's aluminium craftsmanship with its low step-thru SmartForm C1 Alloy frame, designed for easy accessibility and manoeuvrability. The frame cleverly houses a removable 750Wh downtube battery and incorporates a tapered headtube and internal cable routing for a sleek, uncluttered finish.

One standout feature is based in the robust front fork. The bike has been fitted with a 50mm travel HeadShok fork, built for urban landscapes and primed for maximum comfort. Unlike most forks using plastic bushings, the HeadShok uses precision needle bearings, ensuring smooth movement and unprecedented control without getting worn down or sticking.

The Technology Underpinning the Cannondale Mavaro Neo 1 Low StepThru

The Mavaro Neo 1 Low StepThru is powered by the revered Bosch Performance Line CX 250W drive unit, offering smooth, sustained propulsion. Complementing the motor is the Bosch PowerTube 750Wh battery, designed for extensive range and housed in the downtube of the bike for easy removal and charging.

Stay apprised of your ride data with the Bosch Kiox 300 display, which conveniently comes with an LED remote. The bike itself can be personalised and controlled via the eBike Flow app, affording a highly connected rider experience and enabling you to keep your bike's firmware up-to-date with regular over-the-air updates.

To enhance your riding experience, the bike employs an Enviolo continuously variable transmission. This technology enables instant and seamless manoeuvring, even when freewheeling or stopped at a traffic light.

The Cannondale Mavaro Neo 1 Low StepThru Riding Experience

The Mavaro Neo 1 Low StepThru's innovative design and thoughtful technology ensure a comfortable and smooth riding experience. The striking NP-Connect adapter Intellimount stem allows you to mount your phone securely, aiding navigation and connectivity during the ride.

The bike’s 29" wheels enhance its speed and comfort, making it nimble on city streets and stable on park paths. A smaller 27.5" wheel is available for smaller sizes for an optimized fit and convinience.

Riders can also ride with confidence as the bike includes an integrated Garmin radar system that alerts them to vehicles approaching from behind. This brings an added layer of safety, especially when cycling on the road.

Technical Specifications of Cannondale Mavaro Neo 1 Low StepThru

The bike's frame is made from SmartForm C1 Alloy, designed for durability and light-weight performance. The standout HeadShok fork provides 50mm of travel for shock absorption. The drivetrain features a Gates CDX high-performance carbon drive belt, mated to Enviolo's Trekking continuously variable transmission hub gears for a low-maintenance, quiet, and clean ride.

The Bosch Performance Line CX 250W drive unit and the 750Wh Bosch PowerTube battery provide the core of the Mavaro Neo 1 Low StepThru's e-bike system. A Bosch 4-A charger is included for quick and efficient battery top-ups.

The bike adopts a set of Schwalbe Big Ben Plus, 28x2.2" 55-622 (LG/XL), or Continental Contact Plus City 27.5x2.2" 55-584 (SM/LG) tyres to ensure a balanced ride.