Cannondale Wonderwagen Neo 2

Cannondale Wonderwagen Neo 2

  • Type: Family Electric Cargo Bike

  • Drive System: Bosch Cargo Line motor

  • Battery Capacity: 545Wh battery, second battery mount available for additional range

  • Max Payload: Can carry up to 127kg, including two children and extra cargo

  • Gearing: Shimano Deore 10-speed for reliable shifting

Our Verdict: The Cannondale Wonderwagen Neo 2 is a high-quality, ultra-versatile e-cargo bike; packed with features like a Bosch drive system, considerable battery capacity and practical design features, it’s perfect for family adventures or heavy-duty cargo transport.

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The Cannondale Wonderwagen Neo 2 is an innovation in e-bike technology, blending features of transport and recreation to serve up a sublime cycling experience. Tailored towards active parents and cargo-toting adventurers, this eclectic bike presents a blend of comfort, convenience, power, and style. In the thriving e-cargo bike segment, the Wonderwagen Neo 2 definitively stamps its mark with an array of impressive attributes aimed at improving the way we move day-to-day.

A Look at the Cannondale Wonderwagen Neo 2

The Cannondale Wonderwagen Neo 2 is a true testament to the future of biking - a blend of technology, practicality, and style, all capacitated to make your ride as comfortable, safe, and enjoyable as possible. The bike is carefully designed, with every minute detail scrutinised to ensure it meets the demands of a highly active lifestyle, whether it's commuting, shopping, or riding for sport.

Wonderwagen Neo 2's Tech Geared for Convenience

The e-cargo bike's powerhouse is the Bosch Cargo Line motor, equipped with a 545Wh battery to smoothly power up the heaviest loads. The Shimano Deore 10-speed gearing system complements this robust motor, ensuring smooth, reliable shifting, even when the bike is fully loaded. With the option to add a second battery, your range can easily be doubled, hinting at the bike's practicality and performance.

Fly First-Class, In Comfort and Safety

With the Wonderwagen Neo 2, your loved ones ride first class. The spacious cabin is designed to provide safety and comfort, accommodating two kids, complete with adjustable five-point harnesses, headrests, and high sides for added protection. For a third passenger or additional cargo, the rear rack conveniently carries 27kg of gear. To protect your cargo or children from unpredictable weather, an optional rain cover is also available.

Performance Under Various Conditions

Equipped with 20-inch heavy-duty alloy wheels and the SR Suntour Mobie 34 Cargo fork suspension system, the bike can handle different riding conditions. Smoothing out rough city streets, gliding over unpaved paths and manoeuvring through tight traffic are now all possible!

Technical Specification of the Cannondale Wonderwagen Neo 2

  • Frame: SmartForm C2 Alloy low step cargo frame
  • Fork: SR Suntour Mobie 34 Cargo, BOOST DS, tapered, 80mm travel
  • Rear Derailier: Shimano Deore M6000
  • Disk Brakes: Magura MT C, 4-piston hydraulic disc, 180mm front rotor, 203mm rear rotor
  • Wheel Size: 20in
  • Tire Size: 2.6in
  • Seatpost: Cannondale DownLow dropper, internal routing, 31.6, 150mm

Final Thoughts on the Cannondale Wonderwagen Neo 2

Whether you're an adventurous parent or a cargo-lover, the Cannondale Wonderwagen Neo 2 e-cargo bike is a thoughtfully designed, practical, and versatile option. Its impressive features make it stand out in e-cargo bike segment while offering quality, durability, and comfort. With its adjustable harnesses, headrests, and rain cover, riders can ensure the safety and enjoyment of their passengers. Additionally, the bike's ability to carry a hefty load means it can be a reliable companion for big shopping trips or adventurous outings.